In Which I Become The World’s Biggest Mug

So I’m going very OT today as something happened today that needs to be adressed.

I’ve been job hunting since I finished college and well as you might have noticed it’s going very slowly and although I’ve had a few interviews I’ve not managed to get any work.

Last week I found a job post via Gumtree that I applied for. Details were kind of vague and it didn’t seem to bad of a job, it promised flexible shifts which seemed nice.

I got a call yesterday from an unkown number which was followed up by a text message stating it was in regards to that job so I asked them to call me back. The person wanted me to come into the store that night but I couldn’t so we agreed to meet today.

About 8.30 this morning I sent them a message asking when they wanted to meet me and this is where I think I should have bugged out as it were:

They say they’re travelling down and stuck in traffic so they ask me to go to the store and essentially do a ‘work trial’ until they get to me to talk to me properly. That doesn’t seem too bad so I get ready and go over there.

This job was apparently being a ‘sales promotion’ person for a furniture concession in a local garden centre. Essetnially it entails making sure the area is presntable, greeting customers and taking down their details if they want anything.

When I get there is about 10am and the guy says he’s in another store checking up on people there but he’ll be with me ‘soon’ he tells me to ring if anything goes wrong and someone else rings me to give me their number as another ‘just in case’. Whilst standing around someone comes up to me who looks to be a manager and asks what’s going on I tell him and then second warning sign.
‘Oh someone was here yesterday, and they got stuck waiting around for ages too’

Time stretches on and I get no response from this person and I start to suspect something is not right. About 11.30 my mum rings me and I say give me half an hour if I hear nothing I’ll let you know and you can come get me.

Half an hour later, nothing. I cut my losses send him a message roughtly stating I can’t stay as I’m needed at home.
So one wasted morning later and no response from my potential boss I’m not in the best mood.

They say one’s born every minute, I think I proved that.
I admit the job posting seemed a bit fishy but I went through with it like the silly nitwit I am and well at least all I lost was my time. And I should have gotten a more concrete time than ‘a few hours’.
I think as soon as he caught wind of ‘recently graduated student’ ‘unemployed’ ‘lives at home’ ‘never had a job’ and ’20’ he must have seen a giant ‘sucker’ sign above his head.
This is so fustrating, I need a job yet either places don’t want to know about me or they want to take me for a ride so to speak.

It’s going to be  long haul.


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