Signs of Life Detected…

So, I have actually made attempts at drawing again. About a week ago I got hold of a box of ‘non photo blue’ pencils but hit a snag as the paper I had to hand was way to thin for the pencils to work. So I had to get some new paper. Anyway a nice union was made and I hope me and non photo blue get along very well. (Especially as I have to order these pencils online an they aren’t cheap)

Also, if these look a bit weird this was my ill advised attempt to adjust the images to make the pencil a little bit more visible.


First up we have a sketch of Rubus, not looking too happy.


Concept/reference sketch. Valentina Silver, pirate captain whose a character I’m rebootingPhotobucket

Branna (formerly Raven) Carter. The protagonist of the story that Valentina is involved in.  She was formerly a POTC fan character who I decided to move into her own story and that’s an interesting experience.

That’s all. Starting Monday I’m doing a two week ‘work sector based academy’ at a local college, only real reason I see to stick to it  is because one of the things that will be covered is a ‘food hygiene certificate’ which I admit is a somewhat useful qualification to have. Although unless where I volunteer wants people on a Saturday I can’t volunteer for two weeks. D: I’m not doing too bad this week it seems, the anxiety seems to be leaving me alone to some extent.

Oh and Happy Halloween/Samharin everyone

And to all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy please stay safe!


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