So, it’s the first of November which as anyone whose creative probably knows means it’s ‘National Novel Writing Month’
Not for me.
This year I am not doing it.

I’ve tried to nano twice but I always seem to fall short in the first week. In theory since I am unemployed I should be able to do it right? I’ve got no real distractions and I don’t need to get up early for the most part so I could just write and write and write.
However, I just know I don’t have the energy or even the motivation to write anything long right now, fanfic drabbles yes, long, chaptered works? No.

With my slightly up and down emotional state as of late and the general anxiety that keeps sneaking up on me and this seemingly never ending pressure to find a job I just know I won’t be able to focus on Nanowrimo.

I’m sure I can face up to it one year but it is not this year. (Ooops that sounded like that LOTR meme that’s running around)

However, I will endevour to do something this month to keep my creativity going. I just don’t know what right now but I’ll think of something.


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