WIP Number Two: Kitsune


I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.


so for the first time in nearly a month I’ve had a chance to sit down and work on this, right now I’m kind of working on the background, decided to go for a bit of a different technique here.

Uh not much to say I’ll hopefully have this done soon.

Had an interesting day yesterday that involved me getting to three interviews within a two hour gap of each other. But it all worked out, the first one was just generally signing on at the job centre, the second was for a work placement and the third was for a Christmas temp job.

Hopefully I get the temp job. The work placement doesn’t seem too bad, it’s in a hotel and unlike the supermarket one they asked what I wanted to do rather than going ‘do this for two weeks’ and they seem to be understanding of my volunteering etc.

Oh and SWTOR has been played a lot now.

And I finally got into AO3 so go here if you want to read my fanfic: http://archiveofourown.org/users/starrypawz


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