So I’ve been quite into SWTOR latley and was playing around with what the kids of two of my characters and their in game LI’s would look like.
Left: Daughter of my smuggler Fira and Corso Riggs. She’s quite like her mother in terms of personality in the sense she’s quite adventerous and wants to help people. She has a scar on her chin from something that happened when she was a ‘little’ kid (she can’t quite remember, she thinks she smacked into something) She speaks with a drawl quite similar to her father. For some reason I just pictured her in a fluffy somewhat oversized jacket/coat She wants to become a medic.

Right: Daughter of my sith warrior Rayphara and Malavai Quinn. No idea who she’s looking disapprovingly at, it seems to be her defauly expression. I think I had intended her to have scruffier hair but that didn’t quite work out. She’s pretty skilled in mechanics/robotics. She’s relativley well adjusted for being the child of a Sith (She takes more after her father at any rate) For some reason I imagine she gets told off for wearing her goggles, and for spending too much time on the Holo-net. (and if there was some sort of Star Wars equivillent to Tumblr she’d probably be on there)


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