Sorry still no art.

Had a bit of a nolstagic day this week as my friend and I set out to our college to retrieve our work from the last two years. Felt quite strange going back there to say the least.

Things are going okay with the new job but something happened that’s a bit annoying. I’ve been working with the horses, my first day I was sort of shown what to do and things weren’t too bad.

Yesterday the girl who was ‘training’ me sort of ran off to work on something else. And so I got left to do an entire yard on my own. It’s not that I couldn’t do it it just took me a very long time since I’m new and still trying to get the hang of working with horses.

Today my friends were in (which was how I was told about the job)  and the plan was they were actually going to show me how to do stuff properly and things were going well. Then my boss decided to tell me to go home early as there was apparently enough people in and I wasn’t needed in tomorrow morning. (If there’s enough people why did she hire me?)

And then she’s decided that I’m only in Fridays and I’m apparently going to be ‘trained’ to work on cats because I’m ‘struggling’ with the horses.

It would be helpful if I was actually getting trained properly. Yes of course it’s  ‘struggle’ when you’re left to do  a bunch of work on your own and you’re the new kid who doesn’t really know what you are doing.

Well hopefully things get sorted, I do actually like working there it’s just good to be off the JSA and working. I just wish things were  a bit better organised just got to be persistant I’ve had to deal with stuff like this before. Transitonal phases are always really difficult.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.

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