Okay,  so you may have noticed in recent months there’s not been a lot of art from me. This has been due to personal reasons namely relating to my job search (which hopefully is now over for good since I got a job) and well it’s made me not want to draw very much at all. I’ve been writing fanfic drabbles though so at least there’s been that.

However, I think I may have given myself a much needed recharge. I saw The Hobbit today and it gave me a reminder of just why I draw. LOTR was one of the things that made me want to draw more than I did at the time and get better at it and make me want to look at fantasy art. I was a wide eyed ten/eleven year old and it was like a homecoming when I sat down and watched the film as a maybe just as wide eyed twenty year old.

Watching the film reminded me of why I want to draw and create. Because I want to show people the worlds in my head, because I want to bring to life the characters I have and their lives. Because I want to be able to help others loose themselves in these magical worlds.

I’d gotten so wrapped up in my ‘life’ as it were with all this stress and anxiety I felt myself slipping away from my artwork and I didn’t like it. I got stuck in this horrible grey, day to day drudgery of looking for work, getting rejected for work, jumping through hoops, going to sleep just to wake up to the same grey.

I didn’t like it. To say the least.

So thank you very much Tolkien, Jackson and DelToro you gave me a much needed recharge. And hopefully it shall continue.


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