Asilia, Queen of Scars

 photo princess-1_zps13f3e451.jpg photo QueenofScars_zpsb8e29386.jpg

From the project I am currently working on. This is Asilia
On the left is how she appears when she is 16, this is when she sets off to rescue her Protector, Cole and gains the scars which earn her her nickname/title ‘Queen of Scars’, to the right is how she appears during the time of Branna’s story.

At the age of 16, it wasn’t exactly ‘in vogue’ amongst the nobility/wannabe nobility for women to wear trousers, however they did recognise that there were maybe occassions where a dress wasn’t exactly practical. Amongst the ‘commoner’ people it was less of an issue as yet again it wasn’t always practical.

She took to the throne at 18, and proved to be a pretty decent ruler, and tried her hardest to improve the lot for the ‘commoner’ people in her kingdom, one of her major moves was dealing with an area known as ‘The Burned District’
Where she rules over is a rather warm country, still working out details but its’a a rather ‘Mediterrean’ type place, so I had to modify her dress somewhat as she initally had a proper full cloak/cape but I thought that may not work in such a climate so she ended up with a caplet, she did also orignially have a laced up bodice to her dress but that also got changed out.


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