Been a While

Been a while.
Trying to keep myself going drawing wise.
 photo StaffGirl_zps6ae30b02.jpg
 photo Wolfish_zpsa2bc9c88.jpg
Two random doodles
 photo willmarcks_zps0e551da3.jpg
 photo colemabs_zpsadf30ca4.jpg
Stuff for the project I’m working on. on the top is Willow ‘Will’ Marcks. The girl who helps Asilia out in tracking down Cole
Bottom is Mabs and Cole, the two Protectors
 photo FenriCadera_zpsa32385fc.jpg
SWTOR related,playing around with the idea that my Chiss Bounty Hunter Zanearo and Torian Cadera having a kid. Her name is Fenri, and she has a twilek for a brother.


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