Sketches from a Powercut and Other Stuff

Okay, usual apologies for disaapearing. Had a bit of a ‘meh’ point last week or so and had little motivation to do anything. (Also, blame SWTOR)
Anywhoodle, first up are some sketches I’ve been meaning to show off for a while, done in biro during a powercut
Attempt at drawing a chibi type pony, Applejack
Random female dwarf, honestly the first one I’ve ever drawn in all my drawing life I generally like how she turned out even if I borked the boots
Attempt at drawing Alistair from Dragon Age, I still can’t get the nose right and he looks too young
And now for some more recent stuff
I accidently an Earthbender
Remember that ‘ice mage’ I drew a while back? Just some more concept stuff of her revised her outfit a bit and decided to try and work out how it’s put together. It’s supposed to be a backless hooded tunic.
Revist of a rank objective piece for Oisin, catching up with a fellow pooka Peaseblossom who belongs to pookwitch

That’s your lot. Job hunting is going okay… had four job rejections in one week so I’m a bit bummed, haven’t heard back from the job I had an interview for, managed to avoid that stupid ‘course’ because they ‘don’t have the provison’ haven’t been shoved on any ‘work placements’ and for the near future I am volunteering at the Blue Cross on Monday mornings.

Just Some Sketches (Or: I Really Suck at Titles)

Oh hey look, its  sketchytime. (remind me to never say  sketchytime in public it may get people confused)
For some reason my brain was telling me to make an Avengers fan character, so here she is. She’s still in the early stages. But her code name is Avani (not sure of her real name) she’s a shapeshifter and an ‘earth empath’ (essentially she can hear the earth, it’s hard to explain). She has red hair and she’s a bit unstable. Her costume/armour is meant to have a bit of an Asgardian influence.
Not quite sure what this is, some sort of undersea dragon? My thought it its mostly blind (hence the eyes) but uses the barbels to sense around and it’s biolumisencent to some extent
This is something I’ve been wanting to draw for a while (see at least a year), based of a rather awesome song called ‘Quoth the Raven’
I’m attacking ref sheets again, this is ‘Sparks’ she’s a character of mine who started off as a Treasure Planet fan character who was salvaged. She’s a rp character of mine designed to be somewhat ‘malleable’ so she can shift in and out of settings but essentially she’s a mechanic, she has blonde hair with red tips most of the time and is often quite absent minded.

Back with Avengence

So, uh I sort of fell of the radar for a week or two. My bad I don’t know why but I sort of just has a week or two where I felt very… bleh and didn’t really want to do anything much. But enough, art time.


I started playing Baulders Gate a few weeks back, and made a half elf bard named Mel’Oh-Dee and well she’s somehow sort of wormed herself into my gang of misfits. Don’t know much about her apart from she’s chaotic neutral (read: do whatever the hell I want when I want), an elf on her father’s side, a bard and maybe connected to pirates. She sort of reminds me of Isabella from DA 2, which was not on purpose


Another character from the Naruto fanproject. Her name is Kaminari Toboe, and she’s ‘my character’ initally our characters were based of myself and my best friend and we’ve gone from there. She’s largley a taijustsu (hand to hand) user, and she’s supposed to look quite ‘solid’ in build and generally sturdy. For those interested her name translates into Howling Thunder. I would reveal more but that would be telling 😉


This is Kaida Sorami, she’s the sensei to our two main characters. She’s complicated to explain but is generally pretty tough and antisocial, she’s a taijustsu user as well. She’s supposed to be kind of muscley.
I’ve a piece to start that is overdue for Toradh, for the May Day Baskets event, hopefully that can be completed soon. The deadline has been extended twice and I feel so crud for not getting it done

Anyway, as of Monday I will say I’ve been severely Loki’d as of seeing the Avengers, I can’t help it it’s Tom Hiddleson’s adorable face that did it and that I just generally liked Loki as a fixture of mythology. I mean c’mon look, look at that face and resist it I dare you:

Anyway, this is not the place for the fangushing, its the other blog. But I will say Tom did an amazing job on this character, making a character that is just so perfectly twisted. You should see my Tumblr page right now it’s just full of Lokiness. I loved the whole movie and each Avenger does have their place in my fan listing, he’s just come out on top right now, tricky little god. 😉

I’ve also been venturing into some fanfiction again, Skyrim inspired after stumbling into some particuarly good works. I’ve been working on pieces based around my Nord character Branda Fire-Blade and her journey and relationship with Farkas, and a project based around a young imperial thief called Ferret who develops possibly unrequitted feelings for a certain red headed master thief. I’m having fun with them, these characters are just so different and it’s fun to get into their heads.

And that’s it, oh and I’m going to London Aquarium on Monday as part of a college trip, hopefully its a good one, maybe they’ll be some photos to show.

Start of the Week

So this week isn’t off to a bad start. Three sketches from yesterday.
1. Is another rank objective for Sage. This is based around ‘what do you study’ Sage studies Zoology so the thought being that she’s gone out to do some sort of survey like ‘identify five species in the area’ when the goat, who is a pooka named Ferghus wanders over. Sage has met Ferghus before, last year during the Celidah event she got paired up with him at one point and she things the goat looks familaiar somehow.

2. Something a bit different. These two sketches are for part of a college assignment. We must create two posters about the restraint of zoo animals we had three animals to chose, Red Deer, Tiger and Ring Tailed Lemur, my second animal was a Lemur, but then in order to stop me ripping my hair out I realised I already had information on Deer restraint from another unit. These will be cut out and then added to the poster.

Okay, so that’s it. In other news I finally got to see the first two ‘Legend of Korra’ episodes. Looks good so far, I’ve watched The Last Airbender off and on, I never really caught it when it was properly on air but I liked what I saw of the show.

Taking a Break from Saving the Galaxy…

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated. Kind of dropped of the radar a bit. March seems to be a slow month, not much art being done at all. Oops.
Toradh related, this is for the first ‘rank objective’ for my nymph Rubus. Had to make an image showing them with ‘features of their natural form’ she’s a blackberry nymph. Decided to go for sort of a ‘throne’ look as it sort of fits her general personality. Used a reference by the awesome mizzid-stock on DA.

More mermaids, this started off as just a mermaid drawing and sort of evolved from there. Draw your own conclusions, this is probably another ‘big image’ thar will never be done…

And, my first ‘proper’ Dragon Age fanart. Had this scenario in mind for a while, the girl is my mage Warden Lef Amell, character to the right for those not familar is Alistair Theirin. Lef is the second playthrough character of mine and my second Alistair romance. (I romaced him thrice, what?) This is meant to be from before they were a ‘proper’ couple as it were, hence the general awkwardness.

In other news, I’ve been playing ME:3, but have been playing slowly (partly because I know about the rather unsatifatory ending, but that’s a topic for my other blog)  and decided to start a new DA:2 playthrough as a female warrior Hawke. I’m trying to play her more ‘agressivley’ than my others in terms of conversations. Not sure who she’ll end up romancing, I’ve done the inital flirting with Anders but who knows…

And… in another tidbit I have been attacked by the dreaded lurgy, started Thursday and has gotten worse. I’d best be better by Monday as I have a math exam (save meee) and a dog grooming practical where my best friend is potentially bringing in her dopey as anything Alsatian, Maddy. (a boy dog, his ‘proper’ name is Maddox) Who has been sort of rescued from neighbours. She may also end up arranging for her nutty as heck Border Collie (who may or may not be part lurcher) Lassie to come in too.

Trade: Key Lime

A trade I did with Alrak on the MLPArena. This is a pony named Key Lime who is based around a Key Lime cheesecake. She was fun to work on and gave me some much needed marker practice (combination of Copics and Letrasets) as well as working with colours I don’t normally use.
Now… you may notice a slight quality drop with the image, that would be because my scanner is on the way out. I went to scan and my image came out covered in lines and you just couldn’t see anything.

Jan-Feb Sketchdump

So it would seem Janurary wasn’t a good art month. I didn’t seem to have much motivation to do anything, I blame the cold for that. But as an attempt to make up please accept this sketchdump of last months and the start of this months sketches. Now, for the explanations:

1. Random fire mage
2-3: Clipper and Skully for their reference sheets
4: Miyabi Namiko, character from me and my best friend’s Naruto project. She’s an antagonist, manipulative, uses water chakra and ‘dancing’
5. Starry for her ref sheet
6. Hayato Sora, another Naurto character. Quite skilled with poisons has a hawk
7. Some sort of weird giant mount
8. Some sort of strange armoured creature
9. Attempt at drawing an Orc
10. Some sort of wrym type dragon
11. Random mermaid I drew in class
12. Some sort of strange deer (I had intended to draw a unicorn but it went away from that)

I am now on a ‘Self Directed Study’ week from college, in theory I may actually be able to finish something in the next week. (or not) And with any luck I will have Photoshop and Illustrator on my new laptop soon. I found out about the Adobe student discount and so my oldest brother has brought it for me, I’ve scanned my ID and he’s added it in as proof so lets see how that goes.

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