Skypin and Fluttershy

Got one new ‘complete’ piece and a few sketches today 😀  photo skypin_zpsa8f518d2.jpg Trade I did with a member on the MLPArena, their ponysona/OC Skypin and Fluttershy, I felt like trying something different background and lineart wise here.  photo naga_zps3382de79.jpg Felt like drawing a Naga, referenced partially from Senshistock  photo piratedoodle_zpsc398cf28.jpg This is more of a doodle, random lady pirate a href=”” target=”_blank”> photo Dwarf2_zps1956253f.jpg Dwarf rogue, (was silly and drew too close to my sketchbook bindings. Whoops.  
 photo Kaida_zpsd02f539b.jpg
More stuff for my friend and I’s Naruto project, this is Kaida, she’s mostly a taijutsu user

Interview went well, and believe it or not I had another one today. Now to play the waiting game….

Gusty and Sage

Not much to say, Gusty with a bit of a G4 type makeover, and the image which will be used in my character Sage’s new reference sheet for Toradh.

Have some sketches to get up too. Still unemployed.


Just a few sketches
 photo gusty_zps21c724c0.jpg
G1 Gusty drawn in a more G4 based style
 photo mermaid-1_zps3ae9ea04.jpg
 photo unicorn-1_zps4e719fdb.jpgCouple of random doodles done during a case of the ‘can’t draws’
 photo Sage_zpsd6d1cc70.jpg
Sketch for a character sheet that needs updating.

Be My Partner

 photo ApplejackandTex_zps437d848d.jpg

I can finally show this because the contest voting has started 😀
I entered a section that was a cross generation paiting, I picked G4 Applejack and G1 Tex.

New Media

So I dug up an old A5 sketchbook of mine and decided I would start putting it to use.

Playing around with sketchy coloured pencil work, first image is my nymph Rubus, second is G1 Bowtie

SWTOR related fluff, Top image is my smuggler Fira and Corso Riggs,bottom is my Chiss bounty hunter Zanearo and Torian Cadera

Diamond Rose

Diamond Rose
Finished this yesterday, combination of Sai, Photoshop and Illustrator

Start of the Year

Okay so start of the new year, let’s hope this one continues being productive.

Ponies to start. G4 Diamond Rose. I brought her recently and though she was quite pretty. According to her backcard she likes to ‘shop on holiday’ so maybe she’s enjoying a trip to Manehatten?
The new Hobbit film brought this character back to my mind. She was one I played in a rather short lived LOTR rp. Her name is Arabella or ‘Ella’ for short. She’s an adventerous young Hobbit and she wants to explore. She’s also a really good baker, cakes are her speciality.

Also, I have some avatars I owe people from a DA contest sketched so those should be up soon.
Still waiting to hear back from work, I really hope I’m not left hanging too long.

Trade: Sunset

Finished it, the trade I was doing with Sunset on the MLPArena. This is her half

I had fun with this, shading was a PITA though for some reason, tried out using ‘Linear Burn’ rather than multiply, didn’t use grey and reduced the layer opacity. Textures were added as I felt the background did look rather plain, I like the look kind of reminds me of a vintage postcard.

Now just to keep moving and motivating myself and we should be good.

WIP: Sunset

I made myself be productive today, as you can see. Started working more on my trade with someone on the MLPArena, decided with the background that I’m going to try and do something similar to FIM with the simple ‘vector’ type background rather than a painted type one since that doesn’t seem to be working right and base it around the area of ‘Appleloosa’
Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I was further along with this but then my laptop had a bit of a hissy fit so I lost about an hour or so of work.


WIP of the two trades I’m doing. First one will hopefully have a sunset setting.

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