A Return? Hopefully

So according to the last time stamp on this blog, my last post was made in December 2013

It’s now January 2015 so I feel that it’s rather overdue for an update

As a general update on myself? I’m doing pretty well, I’m in the second year of my HND Animal Science program, and during the summer of 2014 I picked up a bit more volunteering work and I’m posted in a Lemur Walkthrough enclosure at a local zoo and it’s been pretty fun. Also funnily enough as part of ‘enrichment’ work on my course we get to do practical work at the same zoo so that’s been interesting. I even got to get up close to a snow leopard.

Drawing wise? I seem to be getting back, slowly. Around the end of December for some reason my urge to draw did come back and more specifically working on drawing with my tablet rather than sketching and scanning. And so the following are a few bits I’ve draw up.

This, had quite a long time before it was finished, I started it September and finished it up in December, this is something for a really cool and talented person I know from Tumblr known as ‘karanan‘ online  from the SWTOR fandom (seriously go look at her stuff) the character on the left is a ‘second gen’ swtor character, Axi Revel, a smuggler/sometimes pirate depending on whose definition you’re going on the kid of my Sith Inquisitor, Lyee and the in game ‘Love Interest’ Andronikos Revel, and Nan’s character on the right is one Roscoe Siscovin his Imperial Agent character, and these two have been causing some chaos together fpr a little while and have been having a great time doing so.

Lira, a ‘second generation’ SWTOR character of mine that is the daughter of my smuggler Fira and the in game ‘love interest’ Corso Riggs, who grows up to become a doctor

The one, the only, Hellboy

A little something I drew for a good friend of mine I know through the swtor community on Tumblr. The green guy on the left is my Miralian Jedi Knight, Sylarvi and on the right is my friend’s Human Jedi Knight, Karuki

So hopefully, 2015 continues to be a return to my ‘old self’ when it comes to drawing, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Adventures in Gif Making

Been a while hasn’t it?

I’m slowly getting back into drawing after having an intentional haitus that was way too long. But I’ve in the last week been tinkering with making gifs. This has been triggered by me getting the full version of Fraps so I’ve decided to try and gif up parts of my swtor gameplay.

Here is what I’ve done so far
 photo tumblr_mq1atoph3I1qfac4po1_500_zpsc21d8e4d.gif
 photo tumblr_mq2uoyGibx1qfac4po1_400_zpsedc2ed6e.gif
 photo tumblr_mq4wltj1Vq1qfac4po1_500_zpsdc90d6d6.gif
 photo tumblr_mq8j3zaYR11qfac4po1_500_zps804cfd54.gif
 photo firashoot_zps25d59862.gif

Making said gifs has prooved interesting as I’ve had to of course first convert my footage into a usuable format then make said gif flow right and of course been contending with gif size limits. But this is an interesting challenge to say the least

My Quiet Return

I managed to get a new scanner, so here have some art
 photo centaur-1_zpsda469395.jpg
Centuar archer
 photo herbalist_zps89b87824.jpg
This started as ‘I want to draw someone with dreadlocks’, she’s a herbalist
 photo CorsoFira_zps2d1b3926.jpg
Random fluff with my smuggler Fira and Corso that took way longer to draw than it should’ve
 photo axi_zps3a80810c.jpg
Working out stuff for a newish character her name is Axi (shortened name most likely) and she’s the kid of my Sith Inquistor Lyee and Andronikos Revel
 photo monsterhighkelpie_zps0c8fdea1.jpg
Had an idea for a Monster High Kelpie character, I sort of want to call her ‘Marey’ and she’d have an overall hippy/new age traveller look going on

Been a While

Been a while.
Trying to keep myself going drawing wise.
 photo StaffGirl_zps6ae30b02.jpg
 photo Wolfish_zpsa2bc9c88.jpg
Two random doodles
 photo willmarcks_zps0e551da3.jpg
 photo colemabs_zpsadf30ca4.jpg
Stuff for the project I’m working on. on the top is Willow ‘Will’ Marcks. The girl who helps Asilia out in tracking down Cole
Bottom is Mabs and Cole, the two Protectors
 photo FenriCadera_zpsa32385fc.jpg
SWTOR related,playing around with the idea that my Chiss Bounty Hunter Zanearo and Torian Cadera having a kid. Her name is Fenri, and she has a twilek for a brother.


Got some more sketches, been somewhat productive as of late. And I really am running out of titles for these sketchdump posts.
Oldest to newest
 photo Dwarf_zpsc98d1459.jpg
Pen doodle of a not very impressed looking female dwarf
 photo TireseTatts_zps6d10f1ac.jpg
Playing around with the idea my Zabrak Trooper, Tirese on SWTOR has more than just the face tattoos, this is supposed to incoporate the galatic republic logo
 photo YavaraandSharo_zps8175f8c1.jpg
More SWTOR stuff, the zabrack (left) is Yavara, the Twi’lek (right) is Sharo. Yavara is the aunt of my trooper, she fell in with Sharo who at the time was a cantina dancer for a minor crime boss, Sharo decided she had enough so with Yavara’s help she left. They are now a part of the crew of Sharo’s brother, Rylev.
 photo WillMarcks_zps0455a49f.jpg
Concept/sketch of one of the characters from the project I’m working on. This is Willow ‘Will’ Marcks. She’s a revamp of an older, not used much character of mine. Will helps out Asilia during the story as she is the more ‘streetwise’ one. What she is waring is fairly typical lower class clothing. As I mentioned women wearing trousers isn’t that out of the ordinary for ‘lower class’ citizens. As it’s a practicality issue.
 photo TorianZanearo2_zpsffbc6ebd.jpg
And to cap it off (well it is nearly Valentine’s Day I can get away with drawing this sort of stuff) some fluff of Torian Cadera with my Chiss bounty hunter Zanearo. Referenced from an image I saved ages ago but can’t find a source for, it is orginally from Tumblr though.

New Media

So I dug up an old A5 sketchbook of mine and decided I would start putting it to use.

Playing around with sketchy coloured pencil work, first image is my nymph Rubus, second is G1 Bowtie

SWTOR related fluff, Top image is my smuggler Fira and Corso Riggs,bottom is my Chiss bounty hunter Zanearo and Torian Cadera