Thank You

The first Discworld novel I remember reading was ‘Maurice and his Educated rodents’ I remember picking a copy off the shelf in my local library, and I can’t remember how old I was probably somewhere between 13-15

Then I remember being 16, sitting on the fence outside the ‘animal centre’ on my campus when I was on the ‘summer school’ for my introductory diploma in land and environment, not knowing anyone there and reading Guards Guards.

I started accumulating his books at a steady pace, picking up second hand and often very ‘well loved’ copies from my local charity shops and bootfairs.

I devoured them,  often reading books out of synch and yet that never really mattered it seemed. It was easy enough to do so, easy enough to pick up what was going on in this fantastic world that was carried by elephants and coasted through space on the back of a turtle. A world that whilst fantastical sometimes seemed very similar to our own.

A world where absurd things happened however a lot of them when you looked at them a little bit more were very similar to things that actually happened, what people thought.

A world where it wasn’t all about noble warriors and wicked witches, a world where there was the ‘little people’ where mention was made of just how living in a fantasy universe would affect day to day life, a world where the farmers were just as important as the wizards. A world where I was told about what the innkeeper was thinking beyond him being a background character, a prop even for the main characters.

A world where not everything was prophecy and grand quests, a world where I would quite happily read about the day to day duties of keeping order in twin cities that had regulated thieves and zombies who wanted rights.

A world where they told you, showed you how the world worked rather than it just being a backdrop. A world that told me just how long a coach took to make a journey or how long it took for crops to grow and didn’t just treat them as boring details no one cared about.

A world that lived, a world that breathed, with a heartbeat where it wasn’t just focused on a sole hero on a quest, it focused on everyone.

Thank you Sir Terry Pratchett.

A Return? Hopefully

So according to the last time stamp on this blog, my last post was made in December 2013

It’s now January 2015 so I feel that it’s rather overdue for an update

As a general update on myself? I’m doing pretty well, I’m in the second year of my HND Animal Science program, and during the summer of 2014 I picked up a bit more volunteering work and I’m posted in a Lemur Walkthrough enclosure at a local zoo and it’s been pretty fun. Also funnily enough as part of ‘enrichment’ work on my course we get to do practical work at the same zoo so that’s been interesting. I even got to get up close to a snow leopard.

Drawing wise? I seem to be getting back, slowly. Around the end of December for some reason my urge to draw did come back and more specifically working on drawing with my tablet rather than sketching and scanning. And so the following are a few bits I’ve draw up.

This, had quite a long time before it was finished, I started it September and finished it up in December, this is something for a really cool and talented person I know from Tumblr known as ‘karanan‘ online  from the SWTOR fandom (seriously go look at her stuff) the character on the left is a ‘second gen’ swtor character, Axi Revel, a smuggler/sometimes pirate depending on whose definition you’re going on the kid of my Sith Inquisitor, Lyee and the in game ‘Love Interest’ Andronikos Revel, and Nan’s character on the right is one Roscoe Siscovin his Imperial Agent character, and these two have been causing some chaos together fpr a little while and have been having a great time doing so.

Lira, a ‘second generation’ SWTOR character of mine that is the daughter of my smuggler Fira and the in game ‘love interest’ Corso Riggs, who grows up to become a doctor

The one, the only, Hellboy

A little something I drew for a good friend of mine I know through the swtor community on Tumblr. The green guy on the left is my Miralian Jedi Knight, Sylarvi and on the right is my friend’s Human Jedi Knight, Karuki

So hopefully, 2015 continues to be a return to my ‘old self’ when it comes to drawing, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hiatus (is hopefully) Over

First things first, my laptop is back so that hopefully means I will be able to blog properly again and means I can do art

I finished that workplacement, nope no job, suprise, suprise

Had an interview at the weekend that was quite disappointing, not so much what I did but the shop put me off. Nice going.

And my last biggest piece of news is…

I got into the Applied Animal Science HND, so that means come September I’ll be in education again! I’ll be going back to my old college but going in on a university level course which I admit feels weird as I’m going back to somewhere I’ve been before but things will be different. Also I’m not going with my best friend which also feels weird as I’ve gone through all my other courses with her.

So things seem to be looking up, finally!

Out of Commisson

Because I am a clumsy idiot there was an incident yesterday
And now I am scanner-less of the foreseeble future
And my laptop will most likely be going in for repairs in the next couple of weeks as my charger pin seems to have gone.


Yet another update on my current work situation.

I went in yesterday as I was asked too, and I was told I would be trained up on cats. But I ended up on horses again. But things yesterday didn’t go so bad. Apart from my wheelbarrow tipping over and me slipping up in the pig pen, (in the dark I might add)

I asked my boss if she wanted me in the next day and she’s decided she’ll call me when she next wants me in as there’s not really enough people around to train me. She did think of asking me in to dog walk since I mentioned I do it where I volunteer but then she asked if I’ve worked with ‘problem’ dogs and I said no, I’ve worked with shy/nervous dogs but nothing that was a problem dog as it were.

I hope I’m not left hanging too long but I suppose it’s what happens when you end up coming in Christmas/New Years time.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate and has a good New Year.


Okay,  so you may have noticed in recent months there’s not been a lot of art from me. This has been due to personal reasons namely relating to my job search (which hopefully is now over for good since I got a job) and well it’s made me not want to draw very much at all. I’ve been writing fanfic drabbles though so at least there’s been that.

However, I think I may have given myself a much needed recharge. I saw The Hobbit today and it gave me a reminder of just why I draw. LOTR was one of the things that made me want to draw more than I did at the time and get better at it and make me want to look at fantasy art. I was a wide eyed ten/eleven year old and it was like a homecoming when I sat down and watched the film as a maybe just as wide eyed twenty year old.

Watching the film reminded me of why I want to draw and create. Because I want to show people the worlds in my head, because I want to bring to life the characters I have and their lives. Because I want to be able to help others loose themselves in these magical worlds.

I’d gotten so wrapped up in my ‘life’ as it were with all this stress and anxiety I felt myself slipping away from my artwork and I didn’t like it. I got stuck in this horrible grey, day to day drudgery of looking for work, getting rejected for work, jumping through hoops, going to sleep just to wake up to the same grey.

I didn’t like it. To say the least.

So thank you very much Tolkien, Jackson and DelToro you gave me a much needed recharge. And hopefully it shall continue.

Sorry still no art.

Had a bit of a nolstagic day this week as my friend and I set out to our college to retrieve our work from the last two years. Felt quite strange going back there to say the least.

Things are going okay with the new job but something happened that’s a bit annoying. I’ve been working with the horses, my first day I was sort of shown what to do and things weren’t too bad.

Yesterday the girl who was ‘training’ me sort of ran off to work on something else. And so I got left to do an entire yard on my own. It’s not that I couldn’t do it it just took me a very long time since I’m new and still trying to get the hang of working with horses.

Today my friends were in (which was how I was told about the job)  and the plan was they were actually going to show me how to do stuff properly and things were going well. Then my boss decided to tell me to go home early as there was apparently enough people in and I wasn’t needed in tomorrow morning. (If there’s enough people why did she hire me?)

And then she’s decided that I’m only in Fridays and I’m apparently going to be ‘trained’ to work on cats because I’m ‘struggling’ with the horses.

It would be helpful if I was actually getting trained properly. Yes of course it’s  ‘struggle’ when you’re left to do  a bunch of work on your own and you’re the new kid who doesn’t really know what you are doing.

Well hopefully things get sorted, I do actually like working there it’s just good to be off the JSA and working. I just wish things were  a bit better organised just got to be persistant I’ve had to deal with stuff like this before. Transitonal phases are always really difficult.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.

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