My Quiet Return

I managed to get a new scanner, so here have some art
 photo centaur-1_zpsda469395.jpg
Centuar archer
 photo herbalist_zps89b87824.jpg
This started as ‘I want to draw someone with dreadlocks’, she’s a herbalist
 photo CorsoFira_zps2d1b3926.jpg
Random fluff with my smuggler Fira and Corso that took way longer to draw than it should’ve
 photo axi_zps3a80810c.jpg
Working out stuff for a newish character her name is Axi (shortened name most likely) and she’s the kid of my Sith Inquistor Lyee and Andronikos Revel
 photo monsterhighkelpie_zps0c8fdea1.jpg
Had an idea for a Monster High Kelpie character, I sort of want to call her ‘Marey’ and she’d have an overall hippy/new age traveller look going on


New Media

So I dug up an old A5 sketchbook of mine and decided I would start putting it to use.

Playing around with sketchy coloured pencil work, first image is my nymph Rubus, second is G1 Bowtie

SWTOR related fluff, Top image is my smuggler Fira and Corso Riggs,bottom is my Chiss bounty hunter Zanearo and Torian Cadera