Got some more sketches, been somewhat productive as of late. And I really am running out of titles for these sketchdump posts.
Oldest to newest
 photo Dwarf_zpsc98d1459.jpg
Pen doodle of a not very impressed looking female dwarf
 photo TireseTatts_zps6d10f1ac.jpg
Playing around with the idea my Zabrak Trooper, Tirese on SWTOR has more than just the face tattoos, this is supposed to incoporate the galatic republic logo
 photo YavaraandSharo_zps8175f8c1.jpg
More SWTOR stuff, the zabrack (left) is Yavara, the Twi’lek (right) is Sharo. Yavara is the aunt of my trooper, she fell in with Sharo who at the time was a cantina dancer for a minor crime boss, Sharo decided she had enough so with Yavara’s help she left. They are now a part of the crew of Sharo’s brother, Rylev.
 photo WillMarcks_zps0455a49f.jpg
Concept/sketch of one of the characters from the project I’m working on. This is Willow ‘Will’ Marcks. She’s a revamp of an older, not used much character of mine. Will helps out Asilia during the story as she is the more ‘streetwise’ one. What she is waring is fairly typical lower class clothing. As I mentioned women wearing trousers isn’t that out of the ordinary for ‘lower class’ citizens. As it’s a practicality issue.
 photo TorianZanearo2_zpsffbc6ebd.jpg
And to cap it off (well it is nearly Valentine’s Day I can get away with drawing this sort of stuff) some fluff of Torian Cadera with my Chiss bounty hunter Zanearo. Referenced from an image I saved ages ago but can’t find a source for, it is orginally from Tumblr though.

Finally, some art

 photo NewYearTradeUp_zps91464e71.png
The trade I’ve been working on. Sorry Oisin Valentine isn’t that impressed.
For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to draw in pen
 photo elfanddwarf_zps1292026b.jpg
Coloured this somewhat seasonal appropriate doodle in in Sai
 photo sourcherry_zps707abf72.jpg
Cherry from Studio Killers
 photo dragon4_zpsa383847c.jpg
Random Dragon

Trade with NeonCrystal


The completed version of my trade with NeonCrystal on the MLPArena. This was quite fun to work on, I really like NeonCrystal and Hiro’s colourschemes.

And I swear there is going to be some non pony art soon. I do actually have some sketches its more of a case of getting them up onto my laptop.

Aaaaand Here’s Another Update

And yet again, it’s that rare phenomana in which I post more than once in a week. (well, posting more than a month is pretty amazing)

First up, my finished half of a trade with sleyf of her character Zantair, with his awesome coat which if possible I would so steal. I was playing around with that ‘old parchement’ look, textures from deviantart

Coloured version of my Pontiac Firebird Transformer’s fembot OC, Firebird. Orignally she was pink but I thought this orange red colour suited her better, pose referenced from senshistock

Yes, I did in fact colour that old sketch I showed off last time, this was my first time painting a night scene, stars are a brush from kuschelirmel-stock I did try following a tutorial for making stars but it didn’t work out, but any good tutorials for stars and grass would be rather appreciated, I don’t like using the grass tool.

An older sketch that fell into the ‘was going to be coloured but didn’t happen’ trap. Just a bit of fluff between my characters Toby and Emma.

That’s all, I also now know when I’m starting back at college for my National Diploma in Animal Care, two more years. D: Oh boy. So who knows if I’ll end up poofing for a few months but I will probably be doing my fair share of college lecture bordeom doodling.