Finally, some art

 photo NewYearTradeUp_zps91464e71.png
The trade I’ve been working on. Sorry Oisin Valentine isn’t that impressed.
For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to draw in pen
 photo elfanddwarf_zps1292026b.jpg
Coloured this somewhat seasonal appropriate doodle in in Sai
 photo sourcherry_zps707abf72.jpg
Cherry from Studio Killers
 photo dragon4_zpsa383847c.jpg
Random Dragon

Aaaaand Here’s Another Update

And yet again, it’s that rare phenomana in which I post more than once in a week. (well, posting more than a month is pretty amazing)

First up, my finished half of a trade with sleyf of her character Zantair, with his awesome coat which if possible I would so steal. I was playing around with that ‘old parchement’ look, textures from deviantart

Coloured version of my Pontiac Firebird Transformer’s fembot OC, Firebird. Orignally she was pink but I thought this orange red colour suited her better, pose referenced from senshistock

Yes, I did in fact colour that old sketch I showed off last time, this was my first time painting a night scene, stars are a brush from kuschelirmel-stock I did try following a tutorial for making stars but it didn’t work out, but any good tutorials for stars and grass would be rather appreciated, I don’t like using the grass tool.

An older sketch that fell into the ‘was going to be coloured but didn’t happen’ trap. Just a bit of fluff between my characters Toby and Emma.

That’s all, I also now know when I’m starting back at college for my National Diploma in Animal Care, two more years. D: Oh boy. So who knows if I’ll end up poofing for a few months but I will probably be doing my fair share of college lecture bordeom doodling.