I Liiiiveee…

Okay joking aside.
 photo TinaAwkward_zpsb064a436.png
This is for a prompt challenge on a DA group, known as ‘the awkward moment when’ in this case it’s ‘The awkward moment when you find out it’s their pile of jewels, gold and assorted other treasures’
 photo Tinawip_zpseca76127.jpg
WIP lineart for a character sheet


 photo reach_zpsc88aec98.jpg
Couple of somewhat ‘recent’ sketches.

Finally, some art

 photo NewYearTradeUp_zps91464e71.png
The trade I’ve been working on. Sorry Oisin Valentine isn’t that impressed.
For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to draw in pen
 photo elfanddwarf_zps1292026b.jpg
Coloured this somewhat seasonal appropriate doodle in in Sai
 photo sourcherry_zps707abf72.jpg
Cherry from Studio Killers
 photo dragon4_zpsa383847c.jpg
Random Dragon

I’m Back.

Okay, so I fell off the face of the eath again.
On the Arena I asked if anyone wanted an avatar, people complied and I should have finished these by now
Attempted to draw Queen Crysalis from MLP
What started out as ‘Firefly as a Wonderbolt’ turned into this
More stuff related to the Naruto fan project my friend and I have been devising for way too long. Just some sketches of my main character at pre-genin (about… 7) and early genin (11-12) and some other random scribbles like trying to work out a mechanism for her senbon gloves
Trying to draw Bolin and Lin Bei-Fong from Legend of Korra
I’ve been wanting to draw something for ages that shows off my character Jezania’s tattoos, but I sort of screwed up her sword hand.

Okay so, I finished college last week, haven’t honestly drawn since then. Feel a bit at a loss with myself not really knowing what I’m doing. I’m (unwillingly) signing up for Job Seekers Allowance on Monday. Job hunting isn’t looking good right now, I can’t seem to find anything I can actually apply for. Oh and I found out I might be at risk of Glaucoma, so I have to be screened for it in the near future (woo).

I need to sort something out and generally work out some sort of routine.

Sketches Ahoy

So over Thursday and Friday I did a fair bit of sketching:
Some sort of gargoyle/demon/bat lady with pose reference from Senshistock
Dragon Queen
Random Dragon
A centaur, Discord and Rarity, Rarity came out a bit different to my usual ponystyle
A mermaid, playing around with the idea of how ‘human’ one can be

Reference: Trent



Got another reference done. Yet again something where the original sketch has been around since Feburary. This is Trent, a character of mine who has been around since 2006 although he is quite a bit different from his original concept. He was ‘revamped’ in 2008 and then in 2009 which was pretty close to what he is now.

For a brief overview.

Trent was one of those children who despite their best efforts always seemed to get into trouble. Not wanting to fall into the same path as his father he joined the local chapter of the Rangers when he was 17. During his time in the rangers he had a realtionship with a fellow recruit, Jezania but it did not go so well. After being formally inducted after training the unit was disbanded. Trying not to fall in with ‘the wrong people’ he tried his best to stay away but soon out of desperation found himself falling in with the shadowy side of things.

Generally a rather cocky and slightly vain person. He has the gift of the gab and doesn’t seem to care much for anything other than himself.
EDIT: Seems in my interest in getting this uploaded I forgot to clean up a small bit of this image. Ooopsie

Reference: Jezania


And it’s done.

Meet Jezania, or Jez for short.She’s and elf and she’s the disowned daughter of a high ranking merchant who wanted his daughter to marry ‘the right person’ to further elevate his social standing but that didn’t go to plan. Espeically with her running off at the age of 17 to become a ranger. After the rangers were disbanded she ended up taking up arms with a local mercenary group and finding she was petty damned good at it.

Generally stubborn, takes no crap from anyone, not above using physical means to get her point across and pretty ‘fierce’ at times.

She’s been around since my early DeviantART days. She was a character a ‘wild’ elf who featured in what was my attempt at some sort of fantasy epic that seemed to be Harry Potter meets LOTR (What I was like 10 when I came up with that) She got revamped, still as a wild elf and revamped again into something similar to what she is now. Maybe I should do a comparison thing.

WIP: Jezania

I’ve spent my day finishing the lineart on this. Taken a bit longer than I inteded especially around the face and hair. This will become yet another reference sheet for my generally pretty touch, no nonsese elf ‘mercenary’ Jezania.
I’ll need to do some manual cleanup in PS due to some rogue lines, I learned the hard way the eraser tool in Illustrator is a bit finicky in my first efforts with the programme.

(Also, no idea why the sword hilt went wonky, sure I’d fixed that)

I much prefer this programme for inking. I’m not the smoothest handed person out there and most of the time Illustrator smooths my lines out pretty well. Lines are really crisot which makes post colour clean up easy and I love being able to achieve consistancy with my lines so much easier. I also love being able to manipulate my lines by moving them around if they end up in the ‘wrong place’

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