Dwarves and Mermaids

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Oldest sketch first, random female dwarf. Likes flowers, the one in her hair is metal.
 photo mermaid2_zps9af12a52.jpg

Random mermaid, more of  typically ‘cute’ mermaid than the ones I’ve been drawing as of late, might colour this.
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From the Naruto fan project my friend and I are working on. This is Kaminari Toboe one of ‘my’ characters. Can’t say much due to spoilers but she’s more of a tai-jutus (hand to hand) based character

Start of the Year

Okay so start of the new year, let’s hope this one continues being productive.

Ponies to start. G4 Diamond Rose. I brought her recently and though she was quite pretty. According to her backcard she likes to ‘shop on holiday’ so maybe she’s enjoying a trip to Manehatten?
The new Hobbit film brought this character back to my mind. She was one I played in a rather short lived LOTR rp. Her name is Arabella or ‘Ella’ for short. She’s an adventerous young Hobbit and she wants to explore. She’s also a really good baker, cakes are her speciality.

Also, I have some avatars I owe people from a DA contest sketched so those should be up soon.
Still waiting to hear back from work, I really hope I’m not left hanging too long.


So I’ve been quite into SWTOR latley and was playing around with what the kids of two of my characters and their in game LI’s would look like.
Left: Daughter of my smuggler Fira and Corso Riggs. She’s quite like her mother in terms of personality in the sense she’s quite adventerous and wants to help people. She has a scar on her chin from something that happened when she was a ‘little’ kid (she can’t quite remember, she thinks she smacked into something) She speaks with a drawl quite similar to her father. For some reason I just pictured her in a fluffy somewhat oversized jacket/coat She wants to become a medic.

Right: Daughter of my sith warrior Rayphara and Malavai Quinn. No idea who she’s looking disapprovingly at, it seems to be her defauly expression. I think I had intended her to have scruffier hair but that didn’t quite work out. She’s pretty skilled in mechanics/robotics. She’s relativley well adjusted for being the child of a Sith (She takes more after her father at any rate) For some reason I imagine she gets told off for wearing her goggles, and for spending too much time on the Holo-net. (and if there was some sort of Star Wars equivillent to Tumblr she’d probably be on there)

Sketches from a Powercut and Other Stuff

Okay, usual apologies for disaapearing. Had a bit of a ‘meh’ point last week or so and had little motivation to do anything. (Also, blame SWTOR)
Anywhoodle, first up are some sketches I’ve been meaning to show off for a while, done in biro during a powercut
Attempt at drawing a chibi type pony, Applejack
Random female dwarf, honestly the first one I’ve ever drawn in all my drawing life I generally like how she turned out even if I borked the boots
Attempt at drawing Alistair from Dragon Age, I still can’t get the nose right and he looks too young
And now for some more recent stuff
I accidently an Earthbender
Remember that ‘ice mage’ I drew a while back? Just some more concept stuff of her revised her outfit a bit and decided to try and work out how it’s put together. It’s supposed to be a backless hooded tunic.
Revist of a rank objective piece for Oisin, catching up with a fellow pooka Peaseblossom who belongs to pookwitch

That’s your lot. Job hunting is going okay… had four job rejections in one week so I’m a bit bummed, haven’t heard back from the job I had an interview for, managed to avoid that stupid ‘course’ because they ‘don’t have the provison’ haven’t been shoved on any ‘work placements’ and for the near future I am volunteering at the Blue Cross on Monday mornings.

Back with Avengence

So, uh I sort of fell of the radar for a week or two. My bad I don’t know why but I sort of just has a week or two where I felt very… bleh and didn’t really want to do anything much. But enough, art time.


I started playing Baulders Gate a few weeks back, and made a half elf bard named Mel’Oh-Dee and well she’s somehow sort of wormed herself into my gang of misfits. Don’t know much about her apart from she’s chaotic neutral (read: do whatever the hell I want when I want), an elf on her father’s side, a bard and maybe connected to pirates. She sort of reminds me of Isabella from DA 2, which was not on purpose


Another character from the Naruto fanproject. Her name is Kaminari Toboe, and she’s ‘my character’ initally our characters were based of myself and my best friend and we’ve gone from there. She’s largley a taijustsu (hand to hand) user, and she’s supposed to look quite ‘solid’ in build and generally sturdy. For those interested her name translates into Howling Thunder. I would reveal more but that would be telling 😉


This is Kaida Sorami, she’s the sensei to our two main characters. She’s complicated to explain but is generally pretty tough and antisocial, she’s a taijustsu user as well. She’s supposed to be kind of muscley.
I’ve a piece to start that is overdue for Toradh, for the May Day Baskets event, hopefully that can be completed soon. The deadline has been extended twice and I feel so crud for not getting it done

Anyway, as of Monday I will say I’ve been severely Loki’d as of seeing the Avengers, I can’t help it it’s Tom Hiddleson’s adorable face that did it and that I just generally liked Loki as a fixture of mythology. I mean c’mon look, look at that face and resist it I dare you:

Anyway, this is not the place for the fangushing, its the other blog. But I will say Tom did an amazing job on this character, making a character that is just so perfectly twisted. You should see my Tumblr page right now it’s just full of Lokiness. I loved the whole movie and each Avenger does have their place in my fan listing, he’s just come out on top right now, tricky little god. 😉

I’ve also been venturing into some fanfiction again, Skyrim inspired after stumbling into some particuarly good works. I’ve been working on pieces based around my Nord character Branda Fire-Blade and her journey and relationship with Farkas, and a project based around a young imperial thief called Ferret who develops possibly unrequitted feelings for a certain red headed master thief. I’m having fun with them, these characters are just so different and it’s fun to get into their heads.

And that’s it, oh and I’m going to London Aquarium on Monday as part of a college trip, hopefully its a good one, maybe they’ll be some photos to show.

Reference: Toby Lupino

Reference: Toby Lupino

Finished this last night finally. It’s been in my WIP pile since Feburary. This is a new updated reference for my Hellboy character Toby who is a werewolf. Like Emma, my technopath he’s designed to fit in with the move version of Hellboy more than the comics.  As a brief description: He grew up in a slightly off the grid area which was the home to a small pack of werewolves, he had his first transformation at 13 which left him with the ears and tail. His pack was attacked when he was 15 and he managed to escape with some other survivors from the attack. He was living rough when Emma found him badly injured and took him in. He’s generally pretty upbeat and calm, likes to drink tea and meditate. He can ‘see’ ectoplasmic trails, he’s very good at tracking and has really good eyesight and hearing.


Anyway Hellboy belongs to Mike Mignola, Toby is a fan character and just created for fun.

So Many Characters, So Little Time

I was somewhat inspired to do this after seeing a list of OC’s someone I watch on DeviantART made. I decided to do this myself and include, fan characters, ‘orginal’ and ‘old’ ones. I am in a way rather ashamed at the amount of ‘unused’ characters I have. I may revamp a few of them though:

It goes without saying that all characters listed here are mine. Anything fan related is copyright to it’s orginal owner.

Fan Characters

Fandom Name Gender Species Year Created
Hellboy Emma ‘Sly’ Matthews Female ‘enhanced’ human 2007 (Originally a RP character)
Hellboy Tobias Lupino Male werewolf 2008
POTC Raven Carter Female human 2006
POTC Willow ‘Will’Marcks Female human 2007 (ish)
POTC Valentina Silver Female human 2008
Star Wars Tayra Female human 2006-2007ish
Star Wars Ai’Mech Olee Male Kiffar 2007
Star Wars Ardana Var Female Twilek 2007
Star Wars Kalana Var Female Twilek 2007-2008(ish)
Transformers Delana Female Autobot 2007
Transformers Torque Male Autobot 2007
Transformers Checkers Female Autobot 2009
Transformers Drifter Male Autobot 2009
Transformers Streamline Female Decepticon 2008
Transformers Whiplash Male Decepticon 2008
Transformers Burnout Male Decepticon 2008
Transformers Hannah Westbridge Female Human 2008
Naruto Kaminari Toboe Female Human 2009
Naruto Hayato Sora Male Human 2009
Naruto Kaida Sorami Female Human 2009
Naruto Miyabi Namiko Female Human 2009
My Little Pony Clipper Female Earth Pony 2009

‘Original’ Characters: ‘Humanoid’

Name Gender Species Year Created
Matthew Tallows Male Human 2007
Mist Female Anthro Wolf 2004
Lucas Smythe Male Anthro Wolf 2006
Destiny Female Anthro Wolf/Husky/Dog thing (XD) 2006
Ace Of Spades Female Human 2008
Joey Marlow Male Human 2007
“Sparks” Female Human 2006(ish)

‘Original’ Characters: Animal

Name Gender Species Year Created
Tya Female Wolf 2004
FrostPaw Male Wolf 2004
Willow Branch Female Horse 2005
Ahote Male Horse 2008
Aponi Female Horse 2008
Miniya Female Wolf 2005ish
Chise Female Wolf 2008
Spooky Male Padfoot 2007
Starry Female Horse 2004
Perrin Female Horse 2008
Firefly Male Horse 2009
VoodDoo Female Wolf 2008
Skylar Male Wolf 2004
Minnow Female Wolf 2008
Bracken Female Wolf 2008
Brock Male Horse 2008
Sereno Male Horse 2007
Airi Female Horse 2007

Unused Characters: Humanoid and Animal

Fandom Name Gender Species Year Created
POTC Amaris Naheck Female Human 2007
POTC * Cassandra DMilo Female Human 2007
POTC *Maverick Weston Male Human 2007
POTC * Marissa Female Human 2007
Indiana Jones Michaela (Never chose last name) Female Human 2008
Emily Roberts Female ‘Enhanced’ Human 2007
Amanda Lupus Female Wolf Shapeshifer 2007
Artemis Male Wolf 2007
Jinny Female Wolf Shapeshifer 2005
Nate Male Ferret Shapeshifter 2006
Sage Daniels Female Enhanced Human 2007
Aneria Female Horse 2007
Astera Female Horse 2007
Stormy Male Horse 2007
*Lilly Female Horse 2006
Aidan the Silent Male Unicorn 2005
*Jizzana Female Elf 2005
Kebby Female Wolf 2004
Mizzle Male Wolf 2004
Drizzle Female Wolf 2004
Kib Female Wolf 2004
Tyain Male Wolf 2004
PrintMoon Male Wolf 2004
PrintStar Female Wolf 2004
*Chase Female Wolf 2008
Keshet Female Wolf 2008
*Aislinn Female Angelic Wolf 2008
Senka Female Wolf 2008
*Magpie Female Wolf 2008
*Ebony Female Wolf 2008
Nougat Female Husky 2006
Rainbow Male Wolf 2006
*Raye Female Husky 2005
*Trent Male Elf 2006
Lilo and Stitch *Bookworm Female Experiment 2005

Note: This list does not include characters from personal stories I am writing.

A * by a name in the ‘unused’ section indicated characters I am planning on revamping

I have left some characters out that are not very developed/not key to a plot