Queens and Protectors

Concepts for a personal project.
I had an idea for a plot within the project of a princess rescuing their protector. And so it came to me that she becomes the ruler of one area at the time that the ‘main plot’ is occuring. She rescues her protector at the age of 16 and at this point she’s meant to be in her mid forties thereabout. She is known as the ‘Queen of Scars’, but I haven’t got her real name.
Concept for the ‘protectors’ (need a better name XD). They are as the name suggests reponsible for protecting royalty. They are not so much warriors, as they are mages and use ‘shadowmancy’ to protect them. Also, not all protectors are male, female ones are known of and fairly common as they are more picked for their aptitude with the magic first.
I saw them as not being heavily armoured as that wouldn’t be very benficial but they do wear leather bracers and chest/backgaurd which a high neck. Despite the masks and hoods they do not keep these up all the time. In fact for the most part when they are just around the castle they tend to keep them down, it’s more for appearances sake when they are in public.
The brand, the long line marks them as practioners of shadowmancy as it’s a regulation of the mage colleges (shadowmancy is a controversial magic, simply put) and the two shapes over it mark them as a protector.


Start of the Year

Okay so start of the new year, let’s hope this one continues being productive.

Ponies to start. G4 Diamond Rose. I brought her recently and though she was quite pretty. According to her backcard she likes to ‘shop on holiday’ so maybe she’s enjoying a trip to Manehatten?
The new Hobbit film brought this character back to my mind. She was one I played in a rather short lived LOTR rp. Her name is Arabella or ‘Ella’ for short. She’s an adventerous young Hobbit and she wants to explore. She’s also a really good baker, cakes are her speciality.

Also, I have some avatars I owe people from a DA contest sketched so those should be up soon.
Still waiting to hear back from work, I really hope I’m not left hanging too long.

Getting to Grips

Result of me getting used (again) to Paint Tool Sai. She is either noblity or some sort of elite gaurd
Another case of weird animals, some sort of dragon and a deer type thing.

Trade: Kitsune

Finally finished this. 😀

I’m quite happy with how this turned out. I miss drawing animals.

Something New

There’s something very important in this post…
New art, not ‘stuff from a while ago’ or ‘something I’m still working on’ actual new stuff.
I’m sending out some candy to a friend online in exchange for some art work, it’s for her boyfriend who loves chocolate so she was asking if people could send her stuff so he could get something different that they don’t have where she is. She asked me if I could find a Dr Who postcard, no such luck so I drew one instead.
The TARDIS is suprinsgly hard to draw despite the fact it’s a box
The one sketch I did during the ‘work academy’, some random short haired scarred up warrior, I need to learn how to draw armour and whenver I draw blades they come out wonky. :/
And yes as you may have noticed, I changed my watermark. My old one was well showing its age and actually isn’t always idea as it’s kind of big, this one is hopefully more compact, I decided against my deviantart url on it as my art ends up in more places now

WIP Number Two: Kitsune


I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.


so for the first time in nearly a month I’ve had a chance to sit down and work on this, right now I’m kind of working on the background, decided to go for a bit of a different technique here.

Uh not much to say I’ll hopefully have this done soon.

Had an interesting day yesterday that involved me getting to three interviews within a two hour gap of each other. But it all worked out, the first one was just generally signing on at the job centre, the second was for a work placement and the third was for a Christmas temp job.

Hopefully I get the temp job. The work placement doesn’t seem too bad, it’s in a hotel and unlike the supermarket one they asked what I wanted to do rather than going ‘do this for two weeks’ and they seem to be understanding of my volunteering etc.

Oh and SWTOR has been played a lot now.

And I finally got into AO3 so go here if you want to read my fanfic: http://archiveofourown.org/users/starrypawz

Signs of Life Detected…

So, I have actually made attempts at drawing again. About a week ago I got hold of a box of ‘non photo blue’ pencils but hit a snag as the paper I had to hand was way to thin for the pencils to work. So I had to get some new paper. Anyway a nice union was made and I hope me and non photo blue get along very well. (Especially as I have to order these pencils online an they aren’t cheap)

Also, if these look a bit weird this was my ill advised attempt to adjust the images to make the pencil a little bit more visible.


First up we have a sketch of Rubus, not looking too happy.


Concept/reference sketch. Valentina Silver, pirate captain whose a character I’m rebootingPhotobucket

Branna (formerly Raven) Carter. The protagonist of the story that Valentina is involved in.  She was formerly a POTC fan character who I decided to move into her own story and that’s an interesting experience.

That’s all. Starting Monday I’m doing a two week ‘work sector based academy’ at a local college, only real reason I see to stick to it  is because one of the things that will be covered is a ‘food hygiene certificate’ which I admit is a somewhat useful qualification to have. Although unless where I volunteer wants people on a Saturday I can’t volunteer for two weeks. D: I’m not doing too bad this week it seems, the anxiety seems to be leaving me alone to some extent.

Oh and Happy Halloween/Samharin everyone

And to all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy please stay safe!

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