A Return? Hopefully

So according to the last time stamp on this blog, my last post was made in December 2013

It’s now January 2015 so I feel that it’s rather overdue for an update

As a general update on myself? I’m doing pretty well, I’m in the second year of my HND Animal Science program, and during the summer of 2014 I picked up a bit more volunteering work and I’m posted in a Lemur Walkthrough enclosure at a local zoo and it’s been pretty fun. Also funnily enough as part of ‘enrichment’ work on my course we get to do practical work at the same zoo so that’s been interesting. I even got to get up close to a snow leopard.

Drawing wise? I seem to be getting back, slowly. Around the end of December for some reason my urge to draw did come back and more specifically working on drawing with my tablet rather than sketching and scanning. And so the following are a few bits I’ve draw up.

This, had quite a long time before it was finished, I started it September and finished it up in December, this is something for a really cool and talented person I know from Tumblr known as ‘karanan‘ online¬† from the SWTOR fandom (seriously go look at her stuff) the character on the left is a ‘second gen’ swtor character, Axi Revel, a smuggler/sometimes pirate depending on whose definition you’re going on the kid of my Sith Inquisitor, Lyee and the in game ‘Love Interest’ Andronikos Revel, and Nan’s character on the right is one Roscoe Siscovin his Imperial Agent character, and these two have been causing some chaos together fpr a little while and have been having a great time doing so.

Lira, a ‘second generation’ SWTOR character of mine that is the daughter of my smuggler Fira and the in game ‘love interest’ Corso Riggs, who grows up to become a doctor

The one, the only, Hellboy

A little something I drew for a good friend of mine I know through the swtor community on Tumblr. The green guy on the left is my Miralian Jedi Knight, Sylarvi and on the right is my friend’s Human Jedi Knight, Karuki

So hopefully, 2015 continues to be a return to my ‘old self’ when it comes to drawing, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Reference: Toby Lupino

Reference: Toby Lupino

Finished this last night finally. It’s been in my WIP pile since Feburary. This is a new updated reference for my Hellboy character Toby who is a werewolf. Like Emma, my technopath he’s designed to fit in with the move version of Hellboy more than the comics.¬† As a brief description: He grew up in a slightly off the grid area which was the home to a small pack of werewolves, he had his first transformation at 13 which left him with the ears and tail. His pack was attacked when he was 15 and he managed to escape with some other survivors from the attack. He was living rough when Emma found him badly injured and took him in. He’s generally pretty upbeat and calm, likes to drink tea and meditate. He can ‘see’ ectoplasmic trails, he’s very good at tracking and has really good eyesight and hearing.


Anyway Hellboy belongs to Mike Mignola, Toby is a fan character and just created for fun.