Where the Hell Have I Been?

So it has been a long time since I have made a post of any decent length on this or my other blog.

As you can guess, I’ve just not been here.

The last few months have been interesting. After getting nowhere with jobhunting and getting progressively more and more fed up with being unemployed and even more so with the job centre I ended up going screw it and applying for a HND in Applied Animal Science.

I got in, and so since September I’ve been back at college, studying hard and generally being a student and it’s good. I love it and it beats being unemployed and I am in a much better place mentally than I was before hand.

However, a slight disaster befell me not long after starting the course, long story short. My laptop was a casualty. And so I had no laptop of my own, which of course meant no access to a scanner or art programs. So I couldn’t really do anything. Not that I stopped drawing mind you but I didn’t get beyond basic doodles.

And also being a student again, hasn’t left much time for drawing.  And once again I don’t really know where I’m going in regards to creative pursuits. I know this is highly unlikely to progress beyond a hobby but at the same time I wish to progress and create.

I will not say I will be posting more, I’m not sure if I can uphold that. Or if I will be making any projects or doing anything.

So for now, the future is as clear as mud. As always.

Block B Gone (Hopefully)

So my art block seems to have shifted somewhat. I’ve not really got much to offer up art wise but the ‘Gaaaaagh I can’t draw’ thing seems to have passed. I think I found my cause, my ‘style’ was changing it’s not really major but because if it nothing seemed to be coming out right. That and I’ve been pretty swamped with college work and we’re nearing ‘you need to get everything tied up’ territory. (And maybe. just maybe I’ve been spending too much time on the XBox…)

But this block seems to have passed, onward and upward and maybe I can get myself remotivated again.

So… Urm… Blah…

Yeah honestly I’ve not got much to say right now. As you may have noticed my ‘artings’ have slowed up a bit latley. I’ve been doodling a bit but I admit I’ve not made much stuff that’s ‘worth it’ right now. It’s annoying as I know I’ve got some stuff I need to do, namley character designing stuff and some other bits and bobs I want to do. And I have only one sketch request left for someone and yet it’s one that’s being a real pain the bum. That and I think my ‘style’ is changing a bit again so I’m kind of trying to see how that goes.

So yeah I admit creativley I need to kick myself up the backside atm. It’s annoying me a bit. Most of my time has been either at college, doing assignments. And I admit my XBox has been distracting me as of late. I’ve been replaying Dragon Age: Origins over the last few weeks and the fact that Dragon Age II is coming out this week won’t help matters.

So yeah that’s it. I need to motivate myself.

Blah, is all I have to say

No art, sorry. I’ve been super busy in the last few weeks because of college, so I can safely say I may be a bit to busy to draw. I’ve got a couple of semi good sketches to get up at some point. I’ve also been in a general ‘meh’ mood for anything.

So yeah, not much to say right now. I’ve got to get myself motivated as I have some stuff to do for other people. Also for some reason this past week everything has been going rather cruddy in various things. Not fun. Including falling down the stairs, cutting my foot right between the toes, the trains being screwed up…

Just Checking In

Okay, just time for this months ‘no really, I’m alive’ post.

I’ve been at college for  a few weeks so I’m still adjusting. Let’s see two days I finish late, one day I start late and I have two days off in the middle of the week. (seriously, what bright spark came up with that idea?) I’ve got various bits and bobs to be getting on with (oops, I should probably be doing them now)

My group is actually pretty nice this year, I’m with a lot of people who I was with either on the Intro course or my First Diploma and unlike last year there seems to be no gossipy nags. Although I’ve had a few facepalmy ‘why don’t you know that’ moments. Such as

What’s a Marsupial

The Czech Republic is near Jamacia

What’s adhesion mean?

Drawing wise, it’s been pretty slow these last few weeks, but I have some stuff to get up soon hopefully. I’m also getting ready to start work on my cosplay costume. (I’m going as a My Little Pony) my fabric’s arrived today so I can make my hat and gloves.

So yeah, that’s me done for now.

Still Alive…

No Portal reference intended. This blog has become a bit dead again. I do have stuff to scan and show off but things have been rather hectic around the house and well I just haven’t felt in an ‘arty’ mood the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on other stuff.

So yeah, still very much alive just not doing much. And I have a notice, there’s someone using Ebay under the name of ‘Starrypawz’ this user is nothing to do with me so if you have problems with them do not contact me!

*Dusts Off Cobwebs*

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve been a bit busy these last few weeks since I started back at college on a First Diploma in Animal Care. I like the course, and apart from a few gripes with my classmates I’m pretty happy. I’m lucky enough to be in a group with my best friend (who was on the same course as me last year) and someone else from my last course and I’ve also met two really awesome people.

A little while ago I won a raffle on http://okazu.latenightboredom.com/ and after waiting an age and thinking that my winnings were lost in the post I found this lovley little package:

I especially love the Dango eraser it’s soo cute ^^

Art wise I haven’t really done much latley due to college, I have a trade to work on which I’ve gotten stuck on the background and also I have a sketched up new reference for my fursona which I need to work on but I did finish this trade with RiderlessDiamond on MLPArena/DeviantART I’m pretty proud of it. 😀

(The full sized version is on my DeviantART page)

Well I’d better go, I need to work on a college assignment about animal accomodation but before I go…
Everybody Konga!
moar funny pictures