Skypin and Fluttershy

Got one new ‘complete’ piece and a few sketches today 😀  photo skypin_zpsa8f518d2.jpg Trade I did with a member on the MLPArena, their ponysona/OC Skypin and Fluttershy, I felt like trying something different background and lineart wise here.  photo naga_zps3382de79.jpg Felt like drawing a Naga, referenced partially from Senshistock  photo piratedoodle_zpsc398cf28.jpg This is more of a doodle, random lady pirate a href=”” target=”_blank”> photo Dwarf2_zps1956253f.jpg Dwarf rogue, (was silly and drew too close to my sketchbook bindings. Whoops.  
 photo Kaida_zpsd02f539b.jpg
More stuff for my friend and I’s Naruto project, this is Kaida, she’s mostly a taijutsu user

Interview went well, and believe it or not I had another one today. Now to play the waiting game….

Dwarves and Mermaids

 photo IMG_zpsf819afc7.jpg

Oldest sketch first, random female dwarf. Likes flowers, the one in her hair is metal.
 photo mermaid2_zps9af12a52.jpg

Random mermaid, more of  typically ‘cute’ mermaid than the ones I’ve been drawing as of late, might colour this.
 photo kaminari_zpsf6133b00.jpg

From the Naruto fan project my friend and I are working on. This is Kaminari Toboe one of ‘my’ characters. Can’t say much due to spoilers but she’s more of a tai-jutus (hand to hand) based character

I’m Back.

Okay, so I fell off the face of the eath again.
On the Arena I asked if anyone wanted an avatar, people complied and I should have finished these by now
Attempted to draw Queen Crysalis from MLP
What started out as ‘Firefly as a Wonderbolt’ turned into this
More stuff related to the Naruto fan project my friend and I have been devising for way too long. Just some sketches of my main character at pre-genin (about… 7) and early genin (11-12) and some other random scribbles like trying to work out a mechanism for her senbon gloves
Trying to draw Bolin and Lin Bei-Fong from Legend of Korra
I’ve been wanting to draw something for ages that shows off my character Jezania’s tattoos, but I sort of screwed up her sword hand.

Okay so, I finished college last week, haven’t honestly drawn since then. Feel a bit at a loss with myself not really knowing what I’m doing. I’m (unwillingly) signing up for Job Seekers Allowance on Monday. Job hunting isn’t looking good right now, I can’t seem to find anything I can actually apply for. Oh and I found out I might be at risk of Glaucoma, so I have to be screened for it in the near future (woo).

I need to sort something out and generally work out some sort of routine.

Back with Avengence

So, uh I sort of fell of the radar for a week or two. My bad I don’t know why but I sort of just has a week or two where I felt very… bleh and didn’t really want to do anything much. But enough, art time.


I started playing Baulders Gate a few weeks back, and made a half elf bard named Mel’Oh-Dee and well she’s somehow sort of wormed herself into my gang of misfits. Don’t know much about her apart from she’s chaotic neutral (read: do whatever the hell I want when I want), an elf on her father’s side, a bard and maybe connected to pirates. She sort of reminds me of Isabella from DA 2, which was not on purpose


Another character from the Naruto fanproject. Her name is Kaminari Toboe, and she’s ‘my character’ initally our characters were based of myself and my best friend and we’ve gone from there. She’s largley a taijustsu (hand to hand) user, and she’s supposed to look quite ‘solid’ in build and generally sturdy. For those interested her name translates into Howling Thunder. I would reveal more but that would be telling 😉


This is Kaida Sorami, she’s the sensei to our two main characters. She’s complicated to explain but is generally pretty tough and antisocial, she’s a taijustsu user as well. She’s supposed to be kind of muscley.
I’ve a piece to start that is overdue for Toradh, for the May Day Baskets event, hopefully that can be completed soon. The deadline has been extended twice and I feel so crud for not getting it done

Anyway, as of Monday I will say I’ve been severely Loki’d as of seeing the Avengers, I can’t help it it’s Tom Hiddleson’s adorable face that did it and that I just generally liked Loki as a fixture of mythology. I mean c’mon look, look at that face and resist it I dare you:

Anyway, this is not the place for the fangushing, its the other blog. But I will say Tom did an amazing job on this character, making a character that is just so perfectly twisted. You should see my Tumblr page right now it’s just full of Lokiness. I loved the whole movie and each Avenger does have their place in my fan listing, he’s just come out on top right now, tricky little god. 😉

I’ve also been venturing into some fanfiction again, Skyrim inspired after stumbling into some particuarly good works. I’ve been working on pieces based around my Nord character Branda Fire-Blade and her journey and relationship with Farkas, and a project based around a young imperial thief called Ferret who develops possibly unrequitted feelings for a certain red headed master thief. I’m having fun with them, these characters are just so different and it’s fun to get into their heads.

And that’s it, oh and I’m going to London Aquarium on Monday as part of a college trip, hopefully its a good one, maybe they’ll be some photos to show.

Jan-Feb Sketchdump

So it would seem Janurary wasn’t a good art month. I didn’t seem to have much motivation to do anything, I blame the cold for that. But as an attempt to make up please accept this sketchdump of last months and the start of this months sketches. Now, for the explanations:

1. Random fire mage
2-3: Clipper and Skully for their reference sheets
4: Miyabi Namiko, character from me and my best friend’s Naruto project. She’s an antagonist, manipulative, uses water chakra and ‘dancing’
5. Starry for her ref sheet
6. Hayato Sora, another Naurto character. Quite skilled with poisons has a hawk
7. Some sort of weird giant mount
8. Some sort of strange armoured creature
9. Attempt at drawing an Orc
10. Some sort of wrym type dragon
11. Random mermaid I drew in class
12. Some sort of strange deer (I had intended to draw a unicorn but it went away from that)

I am now on a ‘Self Directed Study’ week from college, in theory I may actually be able to finish something in the next week. (or not) And with any luck I will have Photoshop and Illustrator on my new laptop soon. I found out about the Adobe student discount and so my oldest brother has brought it for me, I’ve scanned my ID and he’s added it in as proof so lets see how that goes.

A Dumpage of Sketchiness

Three posts in one week? I’m on a roll here.
Breaking from my usual stuff, I decided to salvage a few doodles out of my college notebooks that I liked. As you can see, I like to doodle ponies.
More ponies, sketches of Skully and Clipper for their reference sheets
Sketch of my mascot/fursona Starry to update her reference
Random mage guy, might colour in in a way it’s sort of a gender-bend vague redraw of an older image of mine, drawn during a long lunchbreak
Finally, my friend and I have had a long running Naruto project going and yet again I’m revising designs. This is Miyabi Namiko (name translates roughly into Graceful Wave-child) she’s one of the anatognists from our project, I was trying to go for an elegant look with her design. I’m still working on her, but she uses water based jutsu, dancing and those ribbons in her attacks.