Skypin and Fluttershy

Got one new ‘complete’ piece and a few sketches today 😀  photo skypin_zpsa8f518d2.jpg Trade I did with a member on the MLPArena, their ponysona/OC Skypin and Fluttershy, I felt like trying something different background and lineart wise here.  photo naga_zps3382de79.jpg Felt like drawing a Naga, referenced partially from Senshistock  photo piratedoodle_zpsc398cf28.jpg This is more of a doodle, random lady pirate a href=”” target=”_blank”> photo Dwarf2_zps1956253f.jpg Dwarf rogue, (was silly and drew too close to my sketchbook bindings. Whoops.  
 photo Kaida_zpsd02f539b.jpg
More stuff for my friend and I’s Naruto project, this is Kaida, she’s mostly a taijutsu user

Interview went well, and believe it or not I had another one today. Now to play the waiting game….

Valentina Silver

 photo ValentinaSilver-1_zps26409f4f.jpg

Captain Valentina Silver.

One of the character’s from the project I’m currently working on her ‘story’ occurs about 30/40 years after Asilia’s,

Anyway, Tina is a pirate captain. A very good one at that,. Almsost pirate nobility to boot. And her role is helping a girl named Branna track down her father.

She’s suprisingly quite ‘motherly’ at times, and actually has a little gang of ‘Sparrows’ as she calls them in one of the port towns who she keeps an eye out for.

She can also be quite manipulative when she wants to be.

Also has a taste for the ‘finer’ things like wine, and her special weakness tends to be jewelrry and fine clothes.

Other fun fact, she was originally a POTC character but I never did much with her.

Signs of Life Detected…

So, I have actually made attempts at drawing again. About a week ago I got hold of a box of ‘non photo blue’ pencils but hit a snag as the paper I had to hand was way to thin for the pencils to work. So I had to get some new paper. Anyway a nice union was made and I hope me and non photo blue get along very well. (Especially as I have to order these pencils online an they aren’t cheap)

Also, if these look a bit weird this was my ill advised attempt to adjust the images to make the pencil a little bit more visible.


First up we have a sketch of Rubus, not looking too happy.


Concept/reference sketch. Valentina Silver, pirate captain whose a character I’m rebootingPhotobucket

Branna (formerly Raven) Carter. The protagonist of the story that Valentina is involved in.  She was formerly a POTC fan character who I decided to move into her own story and that’s an interesting experience.

That’s all. Starting Monday I’m doing a two week ‘work sector based academy’ at a local college, only real reason I see to stick to it  is because one of the things that will be covered is a ‘food hygiene certificate’ which I admit is a somewhat useful qualification to have. Although unless where I volunteer wants people on a Saturday I can’t volunteer for two weeks. D: I’m not doing too bad this week it seems, the anxiety seems to be leaving me alone to some extent.

Oh and Happy Halloween/Samharin everyone

And to all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy please stay safe!

Pirates and Ponies

You know the drill, new sketches.
This is Valentina Silver, she’s an older character of mine who was initally a POTC fan character but I decided to make her story her ‘own’ so she’s being revamped. Along with two other older character of mine. She’s a pirate captain, has a real fondness for jewelerry and other fine things
This is a new character, who will be in the same story as Tina, she’s an ice mage who comes from a desert like place. Generally pretty happy-go-lucky, likes to make her ice pink and sparkly
Something Toradh related, I need to to an initation piece for my character Sage so she can become a witch, this is the illusrtration for it showing her and her mother teaching her about witchcraft.
Couple of ponies, the top one Crash Landing was my brother’s idea, he’s a pegasus who is really, really, really bad at flying
Second one was something I doodled in connection to the Diamond Jubilee

That’s it. However, there may not be much digital art from me as it seems my tablet has finally decided after many long years of service that it’s had enough. The nib is super worn down so it doesn’t really make a mark on anything.