Toradh: Something about You and a WIP

Of course Oisin would be there, what sort of silly question was that? He practically lived for parties and general merrymaking.

Although this was a bit more ‘upscale’ than anything he usually went to, but he was determined to have a good night. He didn’t recognise many of the people here, probably partly due to the masks and partly due to still being relativley new to the area. But he was sure he’d made some acquaintences by the end of the night.

The first dance started and he found himself standing next to a pretty girl, dressed in blue and white. He could catch a feeling that there was something a little bit different about her.
He liked different
Toradh: Something About You
So it got finished, yay. ‘Sleeping on it’ seemed the best cause of action as suddenly it was very easy to fix.
Not much else to say.
Oh and this too.
This is one of my redraw/revist challenge pieces I’m doing. I’m making a watch me draw vid of it but I’m going to have to edit the footage as there’s a few bits which are essentially me flailing around not knowing what the heck I am doing. XD
Anyway she’s a sea diety as is probably rather evident. If this goes to plan she’ll be ‘walking on water’ and there will be storm clouds.

All I know is I got to take a break from this, I’ve been pretty much welded to my desk all day and I think I was starting to get angry at my art again. O.o

WIP: Celidah Piece Number Two

(Great title me…)
Second piece for the Celidah/Masqurade event at Toradh. This one my pooka Oisin got paired up with the student/werewolf Nasim. I didn’t feel like attacking the adjustments I needed to make to the sketch so I decided to do the background instead. This is before I put over the grey layer to generally make it look more ‘night timeish’
I need to track down the original reference for the poses mainly so I can correct the hands, Oisin might need to be made a bit taller and both of them will be brought closer to the foreground of the image.

Got some good news on the job hunt front.
I applied for a job at an electronics shop and I passed the ‘first stage’ of the application and didn’t think much of it, then Wednesday I go a call for a telphone interview, that went alright and then today I got another phone call and I’ve arranged an interview for next Thursday, hopefully it goes well. I did get another job application rejected today for a pizza resturant, although it was a generic email it at least had a reason, the reason was fair enough as they wanted someone with skills and experience closer to the job, which did seem fair since well I know nothing about waitressing, but saying that surely it wouldn’t take that long to train me for it?
Oh well, their loss I suppose.

Toradh: Familiar Stranger

Toradh: Familiar Stranger
Sage still couldn’t quite believe she’d been here a year. This time last year she was standing in the church hall, not sure how to dance and at some point in the night was whisked onto the stage and then at a later point she fell over.
But, this year she knew some of the dances so maybe she wouldn’t fall over.
She turned around after being let go by her current partner, a tall blonde haired boy. So far, so good.
Standing next to her was a tall person, grey hair and dressed all in purple, he seemed familiar but saying that it was hard to tell when everyone was wearing masks.
She held out her hand, she didn’t even notice that he had extra fingers

So I managed to finish this a lot quicker than I thought I would.
My character Sage got paired up with Alphonse the posh, polydactyl, poodle pooka (try saying that ten times fast). I’m generally pretty pleased with how this came out, especially the background. I have one more of these to work on. I’ve done my usual ‘write notes on what needs fixing’ so hopefully that will be done soon.

But its kind of strange realising I had been on Toradh for a whole year, this is last years Celidah entry:

I think it’s safe to say I’ve come a bit of a way between those two images.

Still Kicking

Ooops I’ve been neglecting this blog o’ mine a bit (and my other blog) but never fear here’s some stuff.


Random drawing of a sad angel, and a sketch for Sage’s first witch objective (linked to what type of magic your character dabbles in, Sage does ‘animal magic’)


Kind of bad attempt at drawing Sebastian Vael, Fenris and Anders from Dragon Age. Not quite sure what happened to Anders D:


Sketch for a rank objective piece of Oisin, based off the idea of bumping into a fellow fae, the girl is Peaseblossom a wolf pooka who belongs to PookaWitch on deviantart. They sort of know each other.


Not quite sure what this is, some sort of troll like creature.

Other than that, since my last update I turned 20, got addicted to Dragon Age Ii again, been playing Darksiders like a thing posessed and college is nearly over.

Toradh: Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can
It was quite early and Oisin didn’t really want to ‘meet the day’ just yet. He was quite content sleeping in his little ‘camp’ he had set up in part of the woodland.
So, when he heard the tinkling of a bell, he was rather suprised as he wasn’t expecting any vistors. Checking he was ‘decent’ before he stood up he walked out to the border, no one was there but then he noticed the basket. He smiled wondering on just why there was a mysterious basket of goodies in front of him. He then somewhere has a vauge recollection of the date. “Of course,” He said to no on in particular.
He was pretty sure he caught out of the corner of his eye someone running away and a faint… sparkliness that seemed to form a trial. So he started to follow it. At first he ran in his human form but then found his deer form was better suited, and maybe a bit stealthier for tracking down the mysterious gift giver.
After a while, he stopped and let her think that she had outrun him, quite calmly he switched back into his ‘normal’ self and found her. He put a hand on her shoulder before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, “Thank you,” He smiled.

So, I managed to get this done just before the deadline for Toradh’s May Day Baskets events. I would have had my piece done sooner but I kind of had a miniblock or something and just didn’t feel like doing much in the way of art. Anyway, Oisin got paired up with Shiory on deviantART’s character Briest.

No shading, I found the image worked well enough without it, and Illustrator was used for the background.
I did reference Briest’s pose: from here
That’s it…

Nice View

Nice View
So, here’s my entry for the group Thought-Up on deviantart’s prompt challenge ‘Beachwear Bonanza’. My character Oisin decided he should feature in the piece and so this happened. Not much else to say really. Apart form this makes me feel all nice and summery. 😀

Pose referenceSenshistock Hibiscus brushes Kittygur521
Got some more sketches which will be up here in a day or two.

WIP Dump


Just chucking these up here before I head back to college Thursday.

1. Rank objective piece for Rubus. Essentially based around the idea of ‘Nymph being surrounded by it’s natural features’ Rubus is a blackberry nymph, and has a heck of a ‘tude to boot so this came through

2. Second WIP of my Hellboy OC Toby’s sheet, did some adjustments to Toby’s neck and the wolf forms back legs

3. For an event an Original Character group on DA is holding that has been set up by one of my friends. There’s theme prompts and the first one is ‘Beachwear Bonanza’ and… this happened. My Pooka character Oisin in some sort of silly pinup pose.

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