Asilia, Queen of Scars

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From the project I am currently working on. This is Asilia
On the left is how she appears when she is 16, this is when she sets off to rescue her Protector, Cole and gains the scars which earn her her nickname/title ‘Queen of Scars’, to the right is how she appears during the time of Branna’s story.

At the age of 16, it wasn’t exactly ‘in vogue’ amongst the nobility/wannabe nobility for women to wear trousers, however they did recognise that there were maybe occassions where a dress wasn’t exactly practical. Amongst the ‘commoner’ people it was less of an issue as yet again it wasn’t always practical.

She took to the throne at 18, and proved to be a pretty decent ruler, and tried her hardest to improve the lot for the ‘commoner’ people in her kingdom, one of her major moves was dealing with an area known as ‘The Burned District’
Where she rules over is a rather warm country, still working out details but its’a a rather ‘Mediterrean’ type place, so I had to modify her dress somewhat as she initally had a proper full cloak/cape but I thought that may not work in such a climate so she ended up with a caplet, she did also orignially have a laced up bodice to her dress but that also got changed out.


Queens and Protectors

Concepts for a personal project.
I had an idea for a plot within the project of a princess rescuing their protector. And so it came to me that she becomes the ruler of one area at the time that the ‘main plot’ is occuring. She rescues her protector at the age of 16 and at this point she’s meant to be in her mid forties thereabout. She is known as the ‘Queen of Scars’, but I haven’t got her real name.
Concept for the ‘protectors’ (need a better name XD). They are as the name suggests reponsible for protecting royalty. They are not so much warriors, as they are mages and use ‘shadowmancy’ to protect them. Also, not all protectors are male, female ones are known of and fairly common as they are more picked for their aptitude with the magic first.
I saw them as not being heavily armoured as that wouldn’t be very benficial but they do wear leather bracers and chest/backgaurd which a high neck. Despite the masks and hoods they do not keep these up all the time. In fact for the most part when they are just around the castle they tend to keep them down, it’s more for appearances sake when they are in public.
The brand, the long line marks them as practioners of shadowmancy as it’s a regulation of the mage colleges (shadowmancy is a controversial magic, simply put) and the two shapes over it mark them as a protector.

Sketches Ahoy

So over Thursday and Friday I did a fair bit of sketching:
Some sort of gargoyle/demon/bat lady with pose reference from Senshistock
Dragon Queen
Random Dragon
A centaur, Discord and Rarity, Rarity came out a bit different to my usual ponystyle
A mermaid, playing around with the idea of how ‘human’ one can be