The Huntsman

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The Huntsman

Trade I did with a friend on DeviantART.

I quite like the marker tool in Sai and like using it to do background inking. This was fun to work with.



Just a few sketches
 photo gusty_zps21c724c0.jpg
G1 Gusty drawn in a more G4 based style
 photo mermaid-1_zps3ae9ea04.jpg
 photo unicorn-1_zps4e719fdb.jpgCouple of random doodles done during a case of the ‘can’t draws’
 photo Sage_zpsd6d1cc70.jpg
Sketch for a character sheet that needs updating.

Trade: Sunset

Finished it, the trade I was doing with Sunset on the MLPArena. This is her half

I had fun with this, shading was a PITA though for some reason, tried out using ‘Linear Burn’ rather than multiply, didn’t use grey and reduced the layer opacity. Textures were added as I felt the background did look rather plain, I like the look kind of reminds me of a vintage postcard.

Now just to keep moving and motivating myself and we should be good.

WIP: Sunset

I made myself be productive today, as you can see. Started working more on my trade with someone on the MLPArena, decided with the background that I’m going to try and do something similar to FIM with the simple ‘vector’ type background rather than a painted type one since that doesn’t seem to be working right and base it around the area of ‘Appleloosa’
Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I was further along with this but then my laptop had a bit of a hissy fit so I lost about an hour or so of work.

Small Signs of Life

Okay so here’s the sketches for the two trades I’ve picked up.
This is a pony named Sunset, I decided to go with some sort of ‘running out of the frame’ idea. Ideally this will look like a desert background wise
This one I was asked about drawing a kitsune, I’ve never really had a chance to draw them. They’re going to hopefully look like a ‘cross fox’ when coloured in. Drawing the temple was interesting, it’s based off a real temple I found via google.

That’s it.
Not much change job wise although the Job Centre decided I have to see my advisor on Monday morning which means I had to switch what day I am volunteering oh and now I’m apparently signing on every week instead of every two. Not cool.
Oh and they made me try and apply for a job that doesn’t exist. I was told to apply for an ‘apprenticeship’ job that nets you a NVQ level 2 in ‘customer service’ (yeah because I studied animal care for four years to do that) with a charity, I go to the link check things out and there’s no local vacancies for that role, I went into my local branch of that charity and apparently ‘we don’t do that!’
Nice going.

Avatar Requests

(As in forum avatars not anything related to airbending)
So a while back on the MLPArena I offered up five request slots of avatars as I had intended to do them as a ‘test batch’ as I had an idea about offering them as commissions.
However, they took longer than I intended due to various issues such as me finishing college, having an art block of doom, job hunting/signing on stresses.
But, I finally finished them and think they came out pretty well.

Hopefully, I will be more active on here soon.
Real life: Nothing yet, sorting out paperwork to get some volunteering at an animal centre, have four job applications on the go right now, suprisingly got a message saying I passed the ‘initial application’ for one of them in the job I thought I didn’t have much chance in so I have to fill in some sort of survey, and apparently I’m going on a ‘work placement’ at either a supermarket or a pub, (My feelings on the matter are a resounding uggggh)

I’m in a better state than last week.  So that’s something, just need to keep my head up and hope.


Pirates and Ponies

You know the drill, new sketches.
This is Valentina Silver, she’s an older character of mine who was initally a POTC fan character but I decided to make her story her ‘own’ so she’s being revamped. Along with two other older character of mine. She’s a pirate captain, has a real fondness for jewelerry and other fine things
This is a new character, who will be in the same story as Tina, she’s an ice mage who comes from a desert like place. Generally pretty happy-go-lucky, likes to make her ice pink and sparkly
Something Toradh related, I need to to an initation piece for my character Sage so she can become a witch, this is the illusrtration for it showing her and her mother teaching her about witchcraft.
Couple of ponies, the top one Crash Landing was my brother’s idea, he’s a pegasus who is really, really, really bad at flying
Second one was something I doodled in connection to the Diamond Jubilee

That’s it. However, there may not be much digital art from me as it seems my tablet has finally decided after many long years of service that it’s had enough. The nib is super worn down so it doesn’t really make a mark on anything.

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