Where the Hell Have I Been?

So it has been a long time since I have made a post of any decent length on this or my other blog.

As you can guess, I’ve just not been here.

The last few months have been interesting. After getting nowhere with jobhunting and getting progressively more and more fed up with being unemployed and even more so with the job centre I ended up going screw it and applying for a HND in Applied Animal Science.

I got in, and so since September I’ve been back at college, studying hard and generally being a student and it’s good. I love it and it beats being unemployed and I am in a much better place mentally than I was before hand.

However, a slight disaster befell me not long after starting the course, long story short. My laptop was a casualty. And so I had no laptop of my own, which of course meant no access to a scanner or art programs. So I couldn’t really do anything. Not that I stopped drawing mind you but I didn’t get beyond basic doodles.

And also being a student again, hasn’t left much time for drawing.  And once again I don’t really know where I’m going in regards to creative pursuits. I know this is highly unlikely to progress beyond a hobby but at the same time I wish to progress and create.

I will not say I will be posting more, I’m not sure if I can uphold that. Or if I will be making any projects or doing anything.

So for now, the future is as clear as mud. As always.

Hiatus (is hopefully) Over

First things first, my laptop is back so that hopefully means I will be able to blog properly again and means I can do art

I finished that workplacement, nope no job, suprise, suprise

Had an interview at the weekend that was quite disappointing, not so much what I did but the shop put me off. Nice going.

And my last biggest piece of news is…

I got into the Applied Animal Science HND, so that means come September I’ll be in education again! I’ll be going back to my old college but going in on a university level course which I admit feels weird as I’m going back to somewhere I’ve been before but things will be different. Also I’m not going with my best friend which also feels weird as I’ve gone through all my other courses with her.

So things seem to be looking up, finally!


Yet another update on my current work situation.

I went in yesterday as I was asked too, and I was told I would be trained up on cats. But I ended up on horses again. But things yesterday didn’t go so bad. Apart from my wheelbarrow tipping over and me slipping up in the pig pen, (in the dark I might add)

I asked my boss if she wanted me in the next day and she’s decided she’ll call me when she next wants me in as there’s not really enough people around to train me. She did think of asking me in to dog walk since I mentioned I do it where I volunteer but then she asked if I’ve worked with ‘problem’ dogs and I said no, I’ve worked with shy/nervous dogs but nothing that was a problem dog as it were.

I hope I’m not left hanging too long but I suppose it’s what happens when you end up coming in Christmas/New Years time.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate and has a good New Year.

Sorry still no art.

Had a bit of a nolstagic day this week as my friend and I set out to our college to retrieve our work from the last two years. Felt quite strange going back there to say the least.

Things are going okay with the new job but something happened that’s a bit annoying. I’ve been working with the horses, my first day I was sort of shown what to do and things weren’t too bad.

Yesterday the girl who was ‘training’ me sort of ran off to work on something else. And so I got left to do an entire yard on my own. It’s not that I couldn’t do it it just took me a very long time since I’m new and still trying to get the hang of working with horses.

Today my friends were in (which was how I was told about the job)  and the plan was they were actually going to show me how to do stuff properly and things were going well. Then my boss decided to tell me to go home early as there was apparently enough people in and I wasn’t needed in tomorrow morning. (If there’s enough people why did she hire me?)

And then she’s decided that I’m only in Fridays and I’m apparently going to be ‘trained’ to work on cats because I’m ‘struggling’ with the horses.

It would be helpful if I was actually getting trained properly. Yes of course it’s  ‘struggle’ when you’re left to do  a bunch of work on your own and you’re the new kid who doesn’t really know what you are doing.

Well hopefully things get sorted, I do actually like working there it’s just good to be off the JSA and working. I just wish things were  a bit better organised just got to be persistant I’ve had to deal with stuff like this before. Transitonal phases are always really difficult.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.

Wait… I got a job?

I have an important annoucenment to make.

I have just got a job 😀

And it’s an animal related job as well. I’ll be working at an animal sanctuary which happens to be the one we adopted our dog from. My friend and her parents came over on Sunday and she dropped to me that there was a job going up there. I rang up arranged an interview for today.

And pretty much walked up there and was given the job on the spot.  I have to go in Thursday but I properly start on Friday and will be working weekends.

So today I get to go the job centre and tell them ‘see ya’. I am so glad to be getting off the Dole, it’s been a hell of a few months. So much for them saying that I can’t find a job with animals.

A Lull…

So, just a heads up there’s a lull in activity again.
1. My brother’s laptop broke and has been in for repairs so he’s been borrowing mine
2. My dad finally let me get my room back so now I’m in the process of moving stuff around and getting my room back to rights
3. I’m on a ‘sector based work academy’ for two weeks so during the weekdays I’m stuck at a local college campus in class doing this ‘course’ for most the day so I’m not having much time to draw and work on artwork.
But hopefully things will be back to normal soon. I’ll see if I can work on something over the weekend.


I’m actually honestly ‘rebooting’ myself in the sense I’m drawing again. I picked up two art trades with people on the MLPArena. One piece is pretty much completed sketch wise once I finish up a detail and I do have a rough composition in mind for the second one.

I think things are going better now. Had this ‘interview’ which apparently won’t conflict with my volunteering if I get on said placement. However I’m expected to sit on a till for 30 hours a week for four weeks with the chance you ‘might’ get hired. Bull frankly, if they were planning on hiring someone I’m pretty sure they would just do so rather than a ‘work placement’ oh and also I had to register for the placement online, the job centre only told me that the day before the interview and the placement honestly wasn’t easy to find at all I had to go through a 3rd party search engine to track the placement down.
I’m signing on today, so looking forward to that.

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