I Liiiiveee…

Okay joking aside.
 photo TinaAwkward_zpsb064a436.png
This is for a prompt challenge on a DA group, known as ‘the awkward moment when’ in this case it’s ‘The awkward moment when you find out it’s their pile of jewels, gold and assorted other treasures’
 photo Tinawip_zpseca76127.jpg
WIP lineart for a character sheet


 photo reach_zpsc88aec98.jpg
Couple of somewhat ‘recent’ sketches.


Getting to Grips

Result of me getting used (again) to Paint Tool Sai. She is either noblity or some sort of elite gaurd
Another case of weird animals, some sort of dragon and a deer type thing.

Something New

There’s something very important in this post…
New art, not ‘stuff from a while ago’ or ‘something I’m still working on’ actual new stuff.
I’m sending out some candy to a friend online in exchange for some art work, it’s for her boyfriend who loves chocolate so she was asking if people could send her stuff so he could get something different that they don’t have where she is. She asked me if I could find a Dr Who postcard, no such luck so I drew one instead.
The TARDIS is suprinsgly hard to draw despite the fact it’s a box
The one sketch I did during the ‘work academy’, some random short haired scarred up warrior, I need to learn how to draw armour and whenver I draw blades they come out wonky. :/
And yes as you may have noticed, I changed my watermark. My old one was well showing its age and actually isn’t always idea as it’s kind of big, this one is hopefully more compact, I decided against my deviantart url on it as my art ends up in more places now

The Wolf Warrior

I finished this last night.
The Wolf Warrior
Here’s the piece comparing the 2010 version to the 2012 version, hopefully there is at least some improvement between pieces.

Texutures from deviantart
Pose reference SenshiStock

WIP: Wolf Warrior Revist

So, I managed to pursade myself to get working on something. This is the second ‘revist’ piece I’m setting myself. Mostly roughly flat coloured.

Not much to say, volunteering tomorrow and I’ve found four or so jobs to get my name down for this week. I haven’t heard back from the store I had an interview at but they said 2-3 weeks so hopefully I hear something this week, or I might have to ring them myself. Eeep.

Last Two…

Okay, so there’s two more sketches to squeeze in before the month is out.
Drawn during my lunchbreak at college, reference used as I was being ‘clever’ and decided to use the internet on my Ipod to see if I had anything good in my reference folder on DA. Reference credits to Senshistock on DA
Photobucket This was started during the same lunchbreak, yet again referenced from Senshistock. Initally I didn’t have much of an idea on how this was going, I’d just decided to try out the pose in question. The dragon was sort of referenced as well, just from some random images off Google just to get an idea of how to put this type of dragon together.

Last Sketches of the Month

Okay, more sketches. Things have been ‘slow’ this week digital art wise having motivation issues again but Easter is coming up so who knows.
Two fan characters who have been stewing a while. Alessia and Enzo. Both Assassin’s Creed characters for the setting of Assassin’s Creed II to Revelations. Alessia is a 17 year old courier living in Venice who has been under the care of a benevelonent woman known as ‘Nonna’ who practically raised her. Nonna had dedicted her life to caring for the ‘unfourtantes’ in Venice. Enzo is the same age as Alessia and they have essentially grown up together, he is the son of a locksmith.
Still very much WIP, at least I have a clear time frame to work with.
Bit o random fantasy art, drawn in a lunchbreak but sort of took some elements from this https://starrypawz.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/wolf-warrior/ when I was sketching it out. Not sure if the pose is completley physically possible, she’s supposed to be leaping/landing or something
More Toradh stuff, student rank objective 3 (number 2 is being worked on) which is essentially what your character does for a living. Sage has a part-time job working in a touristy type Cafe in Galway called the ‘Selkie Cafe’. Despite her expression in the image she does like working there, it’s just been a long sort of tiring shift.

That’s it.

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