I Liiiiveee…

Okay joking aside.
 photo TinaAwkward_zpsb064a436.png
This is for a prompt challenge on a DA group, known as ‘the awkward moment when’ in this case it’s ‘The awkward moment when you find out it’s their pile of jewels, gold and assorted other treasures’
 photo Tinawip_zpseca76127.jpg
WIP lineart for a character sheet


 photo reach_zpsc88aec98.jpg
Couple of somewhat ‘recent’ sketches.


WIP No 2: Not Impressed

 photo tradewip2_zpscd4044db.jpg
WIP number 2 of the trade I’m doing. Flats are mostly done apart from some niggly bits which I will fix.

WIP: Not Impressed

 photo tradewip_zps54ded9b5.jpg
WIP time.
Part of a trade I am doing for a group on Deviantart.
Have some fun lighting work to do with this as it’s meant to be a nighttime picture.
I think I would have been further along with this by now but I had a bit of an art slump in recent weeks. I’ve had to go back to the Jobcentre so now I am claiming again which is something I wish I didn’t have to do but can’t do much about right now.

WIP 3: Kitsune

Another WIP, background is mostly done now it’s time to work on the kitsune.

Not much has changed, waiting to hear back about the Christmas work, not sure what’s going on with this work placement since I never heard back after I contacted them about bus times and I was meant to start this week, so the job centre is apparently chasing that up.

WIP Number Two: Kitsune


I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.


so for the first time in nearly a month I’ve had a chance to sit down and work on this, right now I’m kind of working on the background, decided to go for a bit of a different technique here.

Uh not much to say I’ll hopefully have this done soon.

Had an interesting day yesterday that involved me getting to three interviews within a two hour gap of each other. But it all worked out, the first one was just generally signing on at the job centre, the second was for a work placement and the third was for a Christmas temp job.

Hopefully I get the temp job. The work placement doesn’t seem too bad, it’s in a hotel and unlike the supermarket one they asked what I wanted to do rather than going ‘do this for two weeks’ and they seem to be understanding of my volunteering etc.

Oh and SWTOR has been played a lot now.

And I finally got into AO3 so go here if you want to read my fanfic: http://archiveofourown.org/users/starrypawz

WIP: Kitsune

More WIP time of the other trade I’m doing. I admit it’s pretty slow going just got to keep myself doing stuff.

I admit this week hasn’t been my own. Tomorrow I will have to go to the Job Centre for the third time in one week *eyetwitch* because Monday I had to talk to my advisor and got signed onto some silly ‘work sector academy’, Tuesday I had to sign on and tomorrow I have to attend a ‘group information session’.
Oh well, good thing is I volunteered today at the animal shelter and got to give a certain dog who doesn’t do well in kennels lots of TLC and one of the dogs at the centre got adopted.

WIP: Sunset

I made myself be productive today, as you can see. Started working more on my trade with someone on the MLPArena, decided with the background that I’m going to try and do something similar to FIM with the simple ‘vector’ type background rather than a painted type one since that doesn’t seem to be working right and base it around the area of ‘Appleloosa’
Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I was further along with this but then my laptop had a bit of a hissy fit so I lost about an hour or so of work.

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