Yet another update on my current work situation.

I went in yesterday as I was asked too, and I was told I would be trained up on cats. But I ended up on horses again. But things yesterday didn’t go so bad. Apart from my wheelbarrow tipping over and me slipping up in the pig pen, (in the dark I might add)

I asked my boss if she wanted me in the next day and she’s decided she’ll call me when she next wants me in as there’s not really enough people around to train me. She did think of asking me in to dog walk since I mentioned I do it where I volunteer but then she asked if I’ve worked with ‘problem’ dogs and I said no, I’ve worked with shy/nervous dogs but nothing that was a problem dog as it were.

I hope I’m not left hanging too long but I suppose it’s what happens when you end up coming in Christmas/New Years time.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate and has a good New Year.