Where There’s a Will There’s a Way…

So I managed to get myself to my scanner and then to my desk. Here’s quick explantion of where I was sitting

So yeah, not the easiest place to negociate into.
But anyway, here’s the art.
Sketch of ‘Flame Princess’ from Adventure Time, I’m still not sure quite what I think of the show, but it’s pretty cool and the latest episode with her was rather cute
Whilst I was out and about, I met this adorable puppy who decided that she wanted a feather, hence this
Random doodling of Clipper, idea is that she’s someone who likes to daydream hence this.
And two WIPs
Started one of my Ceilidah pieces. I’ve found I can now pretty much just about ‘draw’ free hand with the tablet, this picture needed a lot of tweaks mainly with hands and adding in creases.
Okay, so this is a sketch I showed earlier, I’ve been wanting to work on this image for a while, but knew I needed to make some adjustments to it, turned out to be a few extra, but this will have to wait until the two Celidah pieces are done.

I have the sketches of my ‘revists’ done but they’ll have their own post. 😉


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